10 Celebrity Nicknames/Titles for 2014 given by the Thai Press

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  1. px says:

    To be honest it’s better to show your true face instead of being fake like other celebs. Keep on fighting Wawwa. 😉

    • Laila says:

      This is how you make it to the list. 555 If you’re a public figure, it’s better to be the prim and proper person you’re suppose to be viewed than to show people that you have an ugly personality. I’ve seen so many daras like this, and it always turns ugly, for example, Mark. No offense.

  2. Annie_28 says:

    I love you Mark~Kim!!! You make me laugh

  3. kk says:

    personal wise, Mark Kim are such match made in heaven ~ liar & cheater

    • :) says:

      Lol !!!!! they disgust me.

      • Annie_28 says:

        And in turn you disgust me.

        • :) says:

          U made me laugh so hard,I
          diarrhea on ur face like the shit that u are. Lol !!

          • Annie_28 says:

            Oh wow, how creative your abuse of the English language. Did you save much time by writing ‘U’ instead of ‘you’???

          • :) says:

            Is this all u can say??? All about my writing, u sure can read it rite?? So what’s the point of asking me this ??? Lol !!

          • Annie_28 says:

            It’s ‘write’ not ‘rite’. When you learn how to spell people might take you seriously. Disagreeing and engaging in discussion is an adult activity carried out by mature civilised people. It’s called debate.

          • :) says:

            If u want to talk about spelling correction, I don’t give a shit . Lol! where am i , in school?? lol!! That doesn’t bother me at all. Is that all u got ??? just spelling?? Let me write something here so that u can correct me …” What ever B***h !!! Lol… Oh wait…. I didn’t finish spelling the word, it’s missing… Should I write it again????

    • Annie_28 says:

      Heavy on your head??? Judging people on something you don’t know every detail about is harsh and judgemental. Till you walk in that persons shoes you don’t know really know their story.

      • :) says:

        Kiss my ASS Annie_28 !!! Lol .. I don’t give a shit !! trying to put some sence to me that i dont give a crap about. Just take ur crap and shove it way up ur vaja!!

        • Annie_28 says:

          Wow, how mature of you. I can see your parents raised you well. Your just a uneducated internet troll that can’t engage in adult discussions.

          • :) says:

            Mature?? Duh !! I’m mature enough to “respect” people comment and not respond to people comment when I disagree. on the other hand, ur parent taught u shit, they didn’t teach u to shut the F***. Lol!!!. How do u like my language now, Is my language still not mature enough?? Lol !!

          • Annie_28 says:

            When you grow up you will see that respect for others will open doors while disrespect will close doors.
            Have a nice life, you should spend it more wisely than using rude language on the internet. Life is too short to hate.

          • :) says:

            eat ur own word, u need that. Ur the one who needs to keep shit to ur-self, that’s something ur parents didn’t teach u. may this experience teach u that when u don’t agree, u don’t have to respond.

      • Annie_28 says:

        It’s really sad how short sighted and negative you are being. You seem to have very little self worth or love in your life to keep responding in such a negative manner. Just as you have the right to respond to me I have the right to reply to you. My parents taught me better than to respond to gutter language with gutter language. If you choose to be nasty and judgemental towards other people then expect others are going to pull you up on it. That’s life, get used to it child. You seem fine when dishing it out to strangers but when strangers start replying you can not seem to handle it.
        I sincerely hope you that you take a good hard look at yourself and seek professional help for your issues.

        • :) says:

          What u wrote is very boring, I couldn’t finish it. so far I figure, ur trying to put some sense into me that I don’t give a F*** about. Lol !! u and ur parents can go F*** urself.

          • Lil ap says:

            Go 🙂 shut that w**** down and I’m referring to that Annie 28..better mind her own business n keep her opinion to herself.b****

  4. Jcc says:

    So I’m not the only one who thought Bomb and Richie were stiff as hell in that lakorn.

  5. Berry says:

    These comments though

  6. angielee says:

    about MARK, dude you might be p’ek in lakorn but in realty you are the bad guy. what you did to mint and kim, god will forgive you but devil don’t. so sorry, your action show all. about the relationship: kim and mark, I wish you to the best of luck in life. life is short, time is love, I hope that you guys will last forever. time will tell. just like I said many time, what goes around come around.

    P.S you are my partner in crime. my best friend. you know how special you are. love nadechyaya……. peace out!!!!

  7. angielee says:

    okay, no more teasing. I’m very sorry to cause trouble.

    p.s. you say you love me but I love you more…… love by yaya urassaya.

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