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10 Celebrity Nicknames/Titles for 2014 given by the Thai Press

30 Institutions of the mass media got together including newspaper, television, radio, website held a meeting to come up with nickname/titles for 2014.  This year many events occurred resulting in the creation of many nicknames from the memorable events in the entertainment industry.  71 celebrities was under the microscope along with 327 nicknames.  The meeting took 2 hours to conclude and finally 10 celebrity nicknames for 2014 are decided.  It’s guaranteed to be spicy!

2014 Celebrity Nicknames

2014 Celebrity Nicknames


Mark Prin – Daddy Mark Yanks Out The Whites (Hairs)

Pa Mark Krachak Ngok

Pa Mark Krachak Ngok

From the press conference he admitted to protesting against “Mint Chalida’s” mom through the LINE app until it turned into an epic feud creating a rift between the members of the “4 Hua Jai Gang” forcing them to all go their separate ways.  These events got the leading actor criticized for being an aggressive person, a contrast from his clear face.


Kim Kimberley – “HD Child-like cuteness, 4D Berry” (Reference to being a liar)

Baew HD, Berry 4D

Baew HD, Berry 4D

Using her child-like cuteness while giving out interviews during the early stages her secret love affair, her denial contradicted her conduct.  This  had many keeping an eye as she happily worked alongside “Mark Prin” while her relationship with producer boyfriend “Jett” ruptured as the two men collaborated with each other in lakorn “Ton Ruk Rim Rua.” Finally Kim-Mark displayed their sweetness  in front of the media without confirmation with words but their super sweet actions towards each other, obvious and clear like watching a 4 dimension movie.


Wawwa Nichari “Fake Star Who Doesn’t Know Her Status” 

Dao Tiam Mai Jiam Dtua

Dao Tiam Mai Jiam Dtua

The many ways “Wawwa” conducts herself has many fed up to the point that lakorn producers and elders in the industry opened up their mouths exposing her to the media about her discipline and work ethics.  It came to a point that people started drawing comparison that she’s only entered the entertainment industry and she’s already this bold and brave to this extreme already.  She hasn’t even become a shining star yet and she dares to show her true self already to the extent that has many of her coworkers and production team turning their face the other direction to avoid her.


Janie Tienphusawan – “Snatching Hands Falls From Heaven” 

Meu Chok Dtok Sawan

Meu Chok Dtok Sawan

After become huge news in the past year after signing a shotgun marriage licence with “Ae Chonsawat” turning herself into “Madame Bhak Naam,”  she had bodyguards surrounding her from the front and behind to the extreme that everyone thought she’s “Miss Politician” who is able to live her life like she’s climbed up to the heavens.  However, it hasn’t been a year yet and Janie has to spend her life fleeing and hiding from the truth for a short while going as far as overseas after getting a divorce and becoming a widow that lost her love.  She returns to live her life like in the past, once again.


Sek Loso – “Rottweiler” 



Over his quarreling incident with ex-wife “Kan” through social network until it became hot gossip for society.  He admits that he’s hot tempered and has had conflicts with his wife on many occasions.  He also press charges against former family doctor and his wife.  He also fights back with every disputing party, once he bites he doesn’t let go.  He’s like the rottweiler breed that is known to be a cruel breed who once it bites, it doesn’t let go.


Lome Patchata – “Handsome Rambling Tongue” 

Lor Lin Rua

Lor Lin Rua

Allowing himself to attend an event even though his body and physique wasn’t prepared led to unexpected events when the put together actor let his manners slip and spoke words that were not words amusing and astonishing those that were witness to the incident.  In the end he finally admitted that his actions resulted from the side effects of the pain killers he was taking and sleep deprivation.


“Boom Panadda” – “Elder Sister Orders Action” 

Seu Jea Sang Lui

Seu Jea Sang Lui

No matter what society problems are occurring “Boom” will lend her hand to assist to the very end.  Most recently she stole society’s hearts with the campaign to change the law “rape must be prosecuted with death sentence.”  This raised public awareness and had the public praising “Boom” that she’s a first class beauty queen that dares to confront every situation.


Yo Yossavadee & Bee Namthip – Best Buddies With Heated Bank Account

Puern See Banchee Duert

Puern See Banchee Duert

Their close friendship came to a collapse when the profits for their joint health foods business didn’t make sense.  In the end both gave a press conference rebutting each other through the media.  “Bee” announced that she doesn’t want to reconcile and asked that they just remain only colleagues.


Mike Pirath – “Daddy Hiding In The Corner to Eat” (Reference to Sex)

Khun Por Jun Mum Sum Gin

Khun Por Jun Mum Sum Gin

Releasing pictures of a woman on a bed giving birth and holding a newborn, the media worked hard for many days until “Mike” couldn’t endure the news any longer along with all the incriminating evidence against him he finally set up a table to give a press conference admitting to impregnating model “Sara Casinghini.”  Mike’s family still doubtful to the point of doing DNA tests to prove the baby is truly Mike’s baby.


Bomb Tanin & Richy – “Granite Fantasy Couple” 

Koo-Gin Hin Granite

Koo-Gin Hin Granite

It is because their acting is so natural, like a rock and a tree you’d have to make way for them.  Before “Bomb Tanin” got criticized for his performance in the lakorn “Cubic.”  As for “Richie” she got blamed (for the failure) of her first project, the movie “Koo Kum.”  When the two finally meet for the lakorn “Suay Rai Sai Lap” it forced viewers to grab their heads wondering how it would go.  They were like the stone granite that is always firm and hard bearing endurance just like the performance of these two, truly hard and stiff.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | December 22, 2014


  1. To be honest it’s better to show your true face instead of being fake like other celebs. Keep on fighting Wawwa. 😉

    • This is how you make it to the list. 555 If you’re a public figure, it’s better to be the prim and proper person you’re suppose to be viewed than to show people that you have an ugly personality. I’ve seen so many daras like this, and it always turns ugly, for example, Mark. No offense.

  2. I love you Mark~Kim!!! You make me laugh

  3. personal wise, Mark Kim are such match made in heaven ~ liar & cheater

    • Lol !!!!! they disgust me.

      • And in turn you disgust me.

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    • Heavy on your head??? Judging people on something you don’t know every detail about is harsh and judgemental. Till you walk in that persons shoes you don’t know really know their story.

      • Kiss my ASS Annie_28 !!! Lol .. I don’t give a shit !! trying to put some sence to me that i dont give a crap about. Just take ur crap and shove it way up ur vaja!!

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          • When you grow up you will see that respect for others will open doors while disrespect will close doors.
            Have a nice life, you should spend it more wisely than using rude language on the internet. Life is too short to hate.

          • eat ur own word, u need that. Ur the one who needs to keep shit to ur-self, that’s something ur parents didn’t teach u. may this experience teach u that when u don’t agree, u don’t have to respond.

      • It’s really sad how short sighted and negative you are being. You seem to have very little self worth or love in your life to keep responding in such a negative manner. Just as you have the right to respond to me I have the right to reply to you. My parents taught me better than to respond to gutter language with gutter language. If you choose to be nasty and judgemental towards other people then expect others are going to pull you up on it. That’s life, get used to it child. You seem fine when dishing it out to strangers but when strangers start replying you can not seem to handle it.
        I sincerely hope you that you take a good hard look at yourself and seek professional help for your issues.

        • What u wrote is very boring, I couldn’t finish it. so far I figure, ur trying to put some sense into me that I don’t give a F*** about. Lol !! u and ur parents can go F*** urself.

          • Go :) shut that w**** down and I’m referring to that Annie 28..better mind her own business n keep her opinion to herself.b****

  4. So I’m not the only one who thought Bomb and Richie were stiff as hell in that lakorn.

  5. These comments though

    • *sips tea

  6. about MARK, dude you might be p’ek in lakorn but in realty you are the bad guy. what you did to mint and kim, god will forgive you but devil don’t. so sorry, your action show all. about the relationship: kim and mark, I wish you to the best of luck in life. life is short, time is love, I hope that you guys will last forever. time will tell. just like I said many time, what goes around come around.

    P.S you are my partner in crime. my best friend. you know how special you are. love nadechyaya……. peace out!!!!

  7. okay, no more teasing. I’m very sorry to cause trouble.

    p.s. you say you love me but I love you more…… love by yaya urassaya.

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