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10 Most Shocking Entertainment News of 2014

The entertainment industry in the past year has many thrilling stories including marriage news, resignation news, divorce news of entertainers in the industry.  It’s all considered a shock in the industry.  Some of the incidences that occurred will shock even readers.

10 Most Shocking Entertainment News of 2014

10 Most Shocking Entertainment News of 2014


Mark – Mint Gang Lom – broken up after bashing each other through LINE

This news had both of their fanclubs shocked after LINE conversations leaked out in what looked to be “Mark Prin” using harsh words to cuss out “Mint Chalida’s” mom.  Then after that Mark set up a table to do a press conference admitting those messages really did come from him along with apologizing for disappointing everyone with his actions.  Mark asked to not disclose details of the situation.  However, from the news gathered, it proved that Mark has a problem with Mint’s involving his personal manager.  In the end both parties to reach an understanding.

Mark & Mint feud

Mark & Mint feud


Janie’s leaked pictures of physical abuse, closing the scene with a divorce from Ae Chonsawat

After pictures leaked out of someone looking similar to “Janie Tienphusawan”…these pictures were incredibly startling due to the fact the abuse looked severe to the point there were bruises all over the body, the mass media urgently tried to get in touch with Janie.  However it was only her gang of friends that came out and asked everyone to wait for Janie to come out herself.  Not long after that Janie had her lawyer give out a press conference announcing her divorce from Ae Chonsawat.  This news shocked the industry extremely because the two appeared very in love that it shouldn’t have turned out this way.

Janie & Ae's abuse and divorce scandal

Janie & Ae’s abuse and divorce scandal


Peak Pattarasaya breaks up with Ter Chantavit

They are a couple that were very much in love in the industry because the two are glued together like one another’s shadow.  It turned out to be shocking news in the industry when Ter came out to announce that he’s ended his relationship with Peak already giving reason that they have different viewpoints on their ways of life. Peak followed with a press conference to clear that it had nothing to do with a third party and that their break-up this time comes with understanding and ended on good terms.

Peak & Ter's break-up

Peak & Ter’s break-up


Bomb Tanin gets exposed by Focus Jeerakul for being insincere about their love affair 

Another shocking news that the media wasn’t quite prepared for was the clip released by Focus where she poured out her heart along while crying.  Focus let it all out and it was later identified the leading actor she was referring to was “Bomb Tanin.”  The contents of the clip revealed the promiscuous conduct of the male party who liked to date many girls at the same time, being insincere.  It was a clip that was famous overnight.  It followed with many questioning since when did these two started secretly dating. Finally “Bomb Tanin” came out and set up a table to apologize for the events that occurred claiming that he didn’t intend for anyone to be hurt.

Focus exposes cheating boyfriend

Focus exposes cheating boyfriend


May-Num announced they’ve been married for 1 year already 

Shocking the industry with their marriage when before this Num and May were faced with the media asking when they were going to get married.  But at May’s birthday party she invited the mass media to make news as well.  The two surprised everyone when they announced at the press conference that the married since the previous year but it was an event involving only insiders including family and close friends.  The second surprise was them announcing that May was 3 months pregnant.  This was considered good news that people in the entertainment industry and the fanclub wasn’t expecting beforehand.

Num and May announces marriage and baby news

Num and May announces marriage and baby news


Kai Pasit resigns from “Rueng Lao Sao Atit” 

This was news that shocked all the fans of the show “Rueng Lao Sao Atit” because “Kai Pasit” resignation came as a surprise since there were no signs beforehand.  This created gossip in the online world that Kai felt stressed working alongside Sorrayuth because it was said that he was constantly getting humiliated by Sorrayuth during the show.  This forced Kai to make the decision to resign.  Finally Kai came out to deny that his resignation had anything to do with the said rumours.  His decision to resign came after he consulted all the elders including Sorrayuth.  The real reason for his resignation turns out he was preparing to become a news anchor at Channel 3 SD.

Kai resigns from "Rueng Lao Sao Atit"

Kai resigns from “Rueng Lao Sao Atit”


Fai Weluree resigns from Miss Universe Thailand 2014

It shocked the industry when “Fai Weluree” resigned from “Miss Universe Thailand” after feeling pressured from society with criticism that she’s not suitable for the position.  She set up a table to give a press conference to announce she’s officially resigning from her position.  She also claimed that she didn’t receive money from anyone nor did anyone advise her, everything was her own decision.

Fai resigns as "Miss Thai Universe"

Fai resigns as “Miss Thai Universe”


Anne Sirium marries for the 3rd time to a foreigner

Disappearing from the industry once again for “Anne Sirium,” but not long after news leaked out along with pictures that “Anne Sirium” is getting for her third time with English businessman.  So that people aren’t suspicious for long she came out and gave an interview confirming that all this news is true and that the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with is a good person.  Also her daughter gave this person the green light so everything passed easily.

Anne Sirium marries for the 3rd time

Anne Sirium marries for the 3rd time


Aum Amarin breaks up with Joy after 12 years

This news shocked the entertainment industry before sending off the old year when Aum came out to announce his break-up with Joy after living together for 12 years.  Many people felt regretful because this family looked warm and very loving.  After that Aum opened his heart with the media that their divorce did not result from a third hand.  Instead they separated with a good understanding.  In the end Aum announced on the “Tonight Show” that he’s selling the home and moving to spend his life Buriram.  He revealed the reason behind the divorce is because he has a debt and doesn’t want to inconvenient his wife.  We give support to both of you na

Aum divorces wife

Aum divorces wife


Billy Ogan labelled by the courts as bankrupt 

You can consider that this news became a hot and popular topic when the media publicized that rock singer “Billy Ogan” is labelled by the courts as bankrupt after doing real estate business.  Billy came out and revealed that the reason he went bankrupt is because he didn’t have enough funds therefore unable to make profit to settle the debt.  He assures that his spirit is not broken and he will continue to walk forward.

Billy Ogan goes bankrupt

Billy Ogan goes bankrupt



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Source: Sanook | December 11, 2014


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