About Us

Welcome to our newest venture, we are excited to launch our new blog and branch out to a broader audience.   This is our latest effort in extending spicyforum.net  into something bigger and extending our audience beyond the forum world.

SugarDaily will be your daily dose and source of Thai entertainment and anything else sweet.  Coming here will only sweeten your day.  We hope that you will become sugar addicts and feel powerless against your sugar cravings.  Remember breaking a sugar addiction isn’t easy, so enter with caution, coming here might become an addiction

We hope our blog is easy to navigate.  On the side is a calendar, if you click on any day, you will be able to see what news has been updated for that day. We will always be updating everyday, so please visit for regular updates.  Whether that be once a day, or  once every hour, we hope that we will sweetened your day. If anyone has any concerns, comments or anything else, please leave a message here or you may e-mail us  at sugardaily@live.com

The Sugar Daily Staff