Ae Supachai mimics Mai Davika’s figure of speech – let the elders handle the case…

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  1. teran says:

    lol…Ae is funny! Gosh I really want to know what went wrong between them. was it really about money?

    • Mai says:

      I didnt follow their case from the beginning, but from my understanding Mai wanted to break off with Ae cause she accused him of ripping her off. Now he’s suing her for damages, probably commissions owed and the amount of money he had invested in her surgeries lol

  2. SangSS says:

    I hate this gay very much. Why he always annoy Mai?

  3. waverly says:

    Lol. He makes a rather good impression of her.

  4. alwaizemeeh says:

    time will tell Ae didn’t sue Mark for leaving him, I think they didn’t have a contract… Like Nadech said, it was a contract of the heart for him and Ae, I think it was the same way for Mark, a contract of the heart. I think Ae does great because Mai became a celebrity like overnight to me. I never heard of her and then she did a photoshoot with Nadech and Mark, then she was compared to Yaya because she was along Nadech in the photo shoot. Ae did really pull strings for all his stars. Mai probably got in the movie with Mario because maybe Ae pulled some strings????? I’m just guessing don’t anyone take my words to heart. I have heard he pulled strings to get richie in Koo Kum with Nadech… I love James Ma and thank you Ae for bringing him in. I have said I love that he brings so many stars and I wish he slowed down.. but I lied every single time he brings in another star I’m grateful!

    • Mai says:

      People in Ae’s camp claim Mai got Pe Mak through them. Mai fans claim that the director already wanted Mai for that role though. My assumption is that the director may have wanted Mai, but he contacted Mai through Ae’s management team, so technically she still owes him commission. I think Mai was a contracted actress to Ae’s company though, unlike some of Ae’s other kids

      • alwaizemeeh says:

        Aum P is not contracted by law.. I think James Ma is and Mai is. When they are saying it’s a contract of the heart it pretty much means they are happy with Ae and is willing to have him managed them without a written contract…I’M SORRY MAI I’M NOT TRYING TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU, I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND I’M JUST SAYING IT FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING AND MORE VIEWS ON THIS SUBJECT. I think Mai should understand that she got all the hype from Ae. End of story. I know it sucks cause now she’s big and makes really big digits and alot of it goes to Ae. “Never bite the hands that feed you”

  5. Maï says:

    Well, Maybe they should start to do Law contract cause heart contract doesn’t work anymore from the way I see it.
    Where have you see you do heart contract in enternement industry are you crazy !!!
    Heart contract MY FEET !!!

  6. Shasha22 says:

    This Ae person is such a “rhymes with witch” …I’m not defending Mai because I have no knowledge of the situation but I hate petty people. What is up with all the mocking and stuff. He’s like 50 and she’s wat 21? If she is justified in saying leave it up to the elders he’s a moron…he seem more like con artist / joke than anything to me the More and more I read about him.

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