Amy Klinpratoom: The road to love is not beautiful

7 Responses

  1. Lily says:

    Who is the country singer Kratae?

  2. Farm says:

    damn. Drama

  3. Lee says:

    NOooo O.o!! I like this couple and have been cheering for them ever since!
    Hope everything is fine! FIGHTING!!

  4. UrWorstNightMare says:

    The f*ck. Cee ain’t stupid. He’s not gonna throw away his real diamond for a fake one. Amy’s not all that gorgeous, but h*ll, she’s better looking than that Krack gal. LMAO.

    I say this scandal is bull.

  5. morningdawn says:

    Cee WTF are you thinking why would you destroy your relationship with Amy for her eww !!!!!

  6. pinkdisney32 says:

    Same here! I hope they last forever!

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