Andrew Gregson returning to small screen for “Pisan”

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  1. Sphek says:

    I miss him, hadn’t seen him for a very long time. Hope he will do more lakorn if he not busy.

  2. Lalita says:

    I thought he’s a priest lol

  3. ninjakkn says:

    That’s what someone at Spicy told me too Lalita. Lol But good to see him back even if it’s once every 3 years.

  4. bubba says:

    Glad to see him back. Thanks Mai

  5. thailakorn123 says:

    I miss him too, hope to see his lakorn soon. He looks tired in that picture lol.


  6. afan says:

    Miss Andrew. Thanks for sharing the news. Hope he’ll have a lakorn out for us real soon.

  7. Tipstar says:

    Thanks for the news! I kinda wish he would do a drama with K’Pisarn instead of comedy. I do miss him in his brooding roles. LOL

    • afan says:

      I agree. I wish it would be a drama instead. We get so few lakorns from Andrew, it would be nice to see him at his best acting in a drama. I miss him even more after seeing him in Kehard See Daeng.

  8. audi says:

    Hope to see his lakorn in web soon

  9. jazminetoo says:

    Andrew is cutest thai actor – hopefully he and Ann thongprasom will have together – they are both my lover

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