Aom Sushar and Mike Pirath’s lips meet in lakorn “Full House”

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  1. :) says:

    I don’t know who they both are but that photo looks super cute. ^o^

  2. SangSS says:

    Two of them very good couple.

  3. gigi says:

    I love Mike and Aom paring. I didn’t think I would since I never watch anything with Aom in it before but she’s growing on me.

  4. Myrna Murphy says:

    What is wrong for these actors to really kiss!! Is there I law that does not permit it! Oh come on we are in the 21st century!!

  5. Yoh-Chan says:

    Oh.. Q-Q I thought that Aom And Mike was dating in real Life to… Q-Q They make a perfect couple.. Q-Q But they aren’t dating then..? Q-Q I want them to date each other … 🙁

  6. mrifqib says:

    Hi I’m an Indonesian and just finished watching the Full House Thai version (and watched it two times). Wow the Thai version is better than the original one (Korean version)… i really like Mike and Aom. They make a good couple. This is actuslly the first Thai drama that i’ve watched and to my surprise i enjoyed it so much. I am now looking for another Thai drama to watch.

    • sunflower says:

      Hi I’m Indonesian also because I got a lot of Thai friends so I watch a lot of Thai drama I recommend to watch Duang jai akkane its a comedy drama its very good also the actor and actress were handsome and beautiful just try to watch the first episode.I hope you like it ^^

      • lilian says:

        oohh me too, I’m indonesian too. these past few days I really adore this super cute couple (aom and mike).. and I really want to know about “duang jai akkanee” that u’re talking about..

  7. nora says:

    Wow, so like this, auu mike so handsome ^

  8. Anshanlee says:

    Gosh this two young couples realy capture my heart i like them the chemistry they have is un explanable they are suit for each other they will be good lovers coz they both hve honest feelings they have good rapport most they have hidden love a pure and honest love they feel but afraid to show each other but hope someday they both braved to expressed this aou is very loving and understanding woman after mike admit he has son aou nver doubt mike when she cry during d interview i felt her sincere love for mike

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