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Aom Sushar opens up about girl in the scandalous sex clip

“Aom Sushar” opens up completely about the scandalous clip in which the a girl is pleading her boyfriend for sex.  She assures that even the figure isn’t her.

Aom denies the desperate girl in the clip is her

Aom denies the desperate girl in the clip is her

After the famous clip in which a girl is pleading her boyfriend for sex leaked out, rumours are circulating that the girl in the clip is “Aom Sushar.”  Latest Aom herself personally opens her heart about the scandalous clip where there’s also editing.  “Aom” sustains the girl is not her.


About the scandalous clip

In the beginning when the clip first came out I was confused as to why people thought it was me.  Even the legs and the chest looks nothing like me.  The voice wasn’t mine either.  I already saw the clip.


Are you mad?

Well I’m confused.  Like eh did I go do anything to someone or something?  I thought about it and thought no I didn’t.  I’m not scared but just confused.  I don’t have time to do detective work but fans have been looking for pictures and they tag me so I can look.


Do you want to press charges?

At first I was secreting considering that.  But another part of me thought that their intention might have been for humour purposes.  I don’t want to interfere.


So you maintain that it’s not you?

It’s definitely not me.


Mike tried to resolve the allegations through his IG, do you want to do the same?

At first I did type it out, but then I didn’t want to make it into a big fuss.


You’re not thinking doing something about it?

It’s rather that I don’t know who I would prosecute.  If I happen to know who is responsible then I would do something about it, because I want to protect myself.


What have your parents and your family said about this?

In all honestly my reputation isn’t damaged because it’s not the truth.  But it could have made me uncomfortable about it.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook  September 9, 2014


  1. When did she cut her hair? lol. That’s all I was focused on.

  2. what has mike got to do with it tho?

    • He’s suspected to be the guy in the clip

  3. Well, it was only one of her bashers who made it to pull her down because she’s in her peak now..sorry for them but aom wont let it to happen.. )

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