Attention!! Sugar Daily Giveaway! EVERYONE READ!

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  1. aikoden says:

    Oh how interesting, this is neat. Thanks Lalita.
    Best of luck to whoever gets picked.

    I guess I’ll be the first one to post here. 😛

  2. Tipstar says:

    A very nice welcome to us all. Thanks for the lovely gesture, admins! 😀 Much appreciated.

  3. Wisteriyah says:


  4. thebby01 says:

    This is cool.

  5. shotgun says:

    being trying to register at Spicy, but can’t. i get the message: “The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations.” i had been waiting, thinking it’s only temporarily due to all those spamming accounts last month, but now i think it’s just cause no one is aware.
    i pump that ya have venture to blogging cause it’s much more accessible with better presentation.

  6. Lalita says:

    @shotgun, we did close registrations cause of the spam bots we were getting. We will open up new registrations later on tonight, so you can check back. Are you not already a member @Spicy? In the meanwhile, I noticed that you are not registered yet here, and to be entered in the contest you need to be. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. thailakorn123 says:

    This is really nice. Thanks.

  8. Sphek says:

    I love giveaway lol!!!

  9. Farm says:

    Oh…wait so we have to register our name same as it is on spicy? I just registered under my real name :/ not my id name on spicy… How do I change that? So there wont be a confusion. But other than that keep up with the good work. I haven’t been keeping updated with thai celebrity. thanks you guys 🙂

  10. Qass says:

    Oh yeaahh.. this is ohshem!

  11. Lalita says:

    @farm you do not need to be registered under the same username, only if you want to be. If you want your username changed here, we can do it for you, if not you can leave it as is. What is your username at Spicy?

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