Aum Patchrapa glad to work with Chompoo; No feud behind the scenes

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  1. ABC says:

    This girl have a lot of bad gossip, Exspescaly related the boy. I hate her very very much. Hope she don’t work with chompoo. Because I like chompoo.

  2. cherrydrink says:

    Sure Aum, sure. LOL. Jk. A part of me says it’s just a rumor, but the other part says she reeks lies. Man her HOT pink lips on the INSIDE of her lips ALWAY bother the heck out of me. It looks like she just drank cherry juice or something. LMAO.

  3. Tungng says:

    Chompoo , she very bad acting

  4. Beeisden says:

    Chompoo Araya is crap in acting. She can’t act and got ugly face too.

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