Autumn in my Heart

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  1. KITSTA says:

    omg i remember this series my first k drama
    i always felt bad for won bin character but thats what made his character to great
    i think song hye kyo could loved him because
    i remember her saying in one part that she didnt feel worthy of won bin love because she had hurt him so many times. i cant wait to see the thai version of this series

  2. lilithao says:

    I cried for won bin too; especially towards the end when he told her that he’ll cure her and leave. Heartbreaking 🙁

    On the other hand, definitely excited to see Tik. Its been to long.

    • Mey says:

      Oh I am definitely excited to see this. Although I would prefer another na’ek. Not really sure who she is.

  3. thai says:

    Not really exited. I didn’t even enjoy the Korean version, so how can I enjoy a remake. Lol. The best thing about AIMH was Won Bin. If he ended up with SHK then I would’ve liked it better.

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