Baifern Pimchanok’s life is complete, living with what makes her happy

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  1. Berry says:

    Do you guys know if they are still going to do a sequel to “First love” with her and Mario?

  2. zgeneration says:

    Thanx for the article shamp. Even she’s not that beautiful as she claims but I think that average face make her acted character more believable and her down to earth personality is charming. 🙂

  3. Honda says:

    I like her answers. She seems very down to earth.

  4. gracia says:

    So pretty and famous yet so down to earth.
    I love her. 😀

  5. Anonymous says:

    Baifern is not hot or sexy, but she’s actually very pretty. Like Bella and Mo Monchanok. And what I admire about her from reading this interview is that she seems like a normal everyday girl. Like someone you would encounter in real life and could actually be friends with.

  6. Anupamnath says:

    She is very simple i like that….

  7. Sean Chris says:

    so it’s not just me who wants porshe and baifern together. that’s a relief… they really look awesomely cute together ever since I watched their fanmade clips haha. too bad I can’t download any of their movies with english subtitles. could you recommend a site ? thanks!

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