Before & After of Thai Stars with alleged Plastic Surgery

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  1. Berry says:

    I wonder if any of the Thai celebs ever checks this site out. It’s like Thai TMZ! I laughed a little at some of them sorry. Actually not sorry.

  2. Riarariaritahyah says:

    Omg! I think they’re all change some of them may do it but not most . I mean like aff and aum I know they plastic surgery but not a lot of them . The guy all natural. Some of them just grew up and the picture are really old now. They may have change already .

  3. :) says:

    I looks like a lot of them are nose job. And it’s true, sometime people facial change due to growing up.

    • Mainou Lee says:

      I agreed because they looked fine, I mean, some of them looked natural. I know that some people change a lot when they’re still growing up.

  4. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    The majority of these Thai celebrities seemed to have aged beautifully…at least to me.
    Aof, for one, seems to just older to me…for facial hair. Looking good for his age, I must say.
    Bie, why is he even on this list?! Bie grew from a little boy to a good-looking guy! And, he used to have braces so that would improve with his current looks.
    Chane, on the other hand, looks the same.
    Chompoo Araya seems to also be one of those who aged gracefully. Might’ve gotten a boob job, though. Ain’t gotta lie about that. I see what I see. Lol.
    Gun Napat just lost some weight. Nothing done there.
    Kan Kanthatavorn also looks exactly the same.
    Ken also aged nicely. I don’t recognize a better looking nose or anything of that sort.
    Also highly doubt that Rome Pachata has gotten anything. He was cute younger and handsome looking now. No difference.
    Mike’s haircut helped a lot. Highly doubt he got anything done either.
    Same goes for Vee, his hair is better looking now.

    On the other hand, Pae Arak stood out the most to me. Even after going under the knife, he looks like below average. Sorry, Pae fans! It’s the truth. To this day, I still wonder how he made it into the industry.

    • Mai says:

      Chane admitted to getting a nose job
      Aof admitted to getting a nose job
      Kane admitted to getting a nose job
      Mike admits to getting injectable nose job
      Ken T has also admitted to getting a nose job

      That’s how I was able to compile that list, cus most of guy pics were them admitting to getting stuff done.

    • Mainou Lee says:

      I know, right! Some people looked fine.

  5. Happy az says:

    I personally think Veeraprap looked better before surgery

  6. SangSS says:

    Pancake when she was young her face look funny.

  7. Riarariaritahyah says:

    However, the guys look the same even though . Sometimes, I won’t just believe it that easily unless I hear it out from that person . Like honestly though . Why is Toey even on this list lol . At least Thai don’t do that much plastic surgery than Korean. I’m fine with it. Plus even if Thai men’s does surgery they still do look manly. Still love them .

  8. pazao xiong says:

    Some of these are not even true.

  9. BolzanoLinz says:

    LOL, they can never post a #throwbackthrusday #flashbackfriday pictures in their instagram not unless the pic is just a week old.

    I guess only Poo Praya comes of as natural cause she posts such pics

  10. cries says:

    oh pancake look so funny here

  11. Purrty.Good says:

    Just looks like in general they go for nose straightening, raising the bridge and narrowing the nose width and for women, getting the V line face. The results were worth the money is all I’d say! Lol. Only if they’d do a public service and refer who their doctors were!

  12. user1 says:

    Wow, I mean, this is so interesting. Thailand isn’t against plastic surgery so I figure, they’d all do it. But yes, like some people posted on here, most of them looked like they had their noses adjusted, etc. but that’s about it. I don’t really see much difference in the guys mostly. I was surprised to see Bie Sukrit on here! I mean, I do wonder sometimes if he did, but it’s difficult to tell. I think he matured naturally with the help of face creams, good exercise, eating right, etc. I mean, most of these celebrities live under a managed schedule and they always have to maintain their bodies and appearances all the time (we can only imagine the pain and nuisance it is to keep up with it), but most of these look pretty normal. I see more changes in the girls than compared to the guys. That’s for sure. Thanks for sharing the list though. It’s good to see and know about it….lol….=)

  13. Vic says:

    It’s called puberty and make up !!!!!!!!!

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