Being scandalous is the reason people anti Bella pairing up with Um Atichart

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  1. weirminfan says:

    Is she really that hated in Thailand?? Lol. I think her and Weir should date. They both are very sexy.

    • Evelyn says:

      lol i love how your username is weirminfan but you want Weir and Bella to date :)) 😛

      • weirminfan says:

        Onscreen I’m a fan. Offscreen, I want WB! Lol.

        • Evelyn says:

          aw you’re great, i wish i could do that but i’m one of those obsessive fans of weirmin *on & offscreen :)))* so i don’t really want him to be w/ anyone else but Min :))) [ but i’m not hating on anyone, it’s their lives anyways 😛 ]

          • weirminfan says:

            Awe thanks. =D. That’s every fans dream, to see their favorite pairs end up together in real life, but honestly I want WM to stay coworkers/friends so they can make many more lakorns together! If they date and end on bad terms they may not get to work together anymore.

    • PA Tran says:

      Are you really Weir Min’s fan? Sorry, but i dont think so. You should be WB’s fan, it is suitable for your mind. All fans of Sticky Rice Couple want them to be real couple but you :))

    • aa says:

      LOL is she sexy? better to say she is plump~lol

  2. MISST says:

    Bella is too old..Her voice sounds so squeaky…

    • weirminfan says:

      She’s the same age as Min. Lol. And Min’s voice is even more squeaky!!

      • aa says:

        Lol but as squeaky sometimes, min is in a cuter way

      • PA Tran says:

        haha, im still thinking about your nickname, you always did different with your nick. I think u should change your nickname soon, it should be Weirbellafan 5555

      • ThjPolly says:

        We love Sticky rice couple WM & wish them could be a real couple. And you’re WeirMin fan but u tell WB should date i think u have problem u must should go doctor for yr sick haha u not normal cos yr thinking opposed ours thinking…omg are u WBfan??? pls change yr nickname!

        • weirminfan says:

          Woah. Didn’t even realize I received this much backlash. LOL. Well, I still want Weir and Bella to end up together OFFSCREEN, and no matter what you guys say I’ll forever be a Weir and Min fan…ONSCREEN. And my name will be ‘weirminfan’ as I like. XP

  3. Naisbel says:

    I prepare WeirMin both act very good so natural like real life.I hope on real life too nice couple.Bella is pretty but Min more pretty…..

  4. Berry says:

    Did she make it sound like Min p is no competition for her? Or am I just over analyzing? Lol

  5. Twinkle Nguyen says:

    I think you turn a fan or rather that the WB. Because his fans WM sure you have one that does not ship outside only “5555

  6. lan_chi918 says:

    Oh my, are you suffering from autism, or something’s wrong with you, Bella??? The way you answer the questions looks like you’re very jealous and artificial, makes me laugh so much, hahaha. I think you should focus on your work, and never never ever interfere with Weir anymore, please let him be free and alone, ok, or fans of WM won’t pass you, I’m serious

  7. Ornah says:

    This betch is laughing too much in her answers. Trying too hard to hide n totally sounds fake smh

  8. Nat says:

    I sense a little jealousy here. hahaha I’m a fan of Weir too but I’m not hating on Bella. Even though I prefer Weir to be with Min. lol

  9. loveoftvb says:

    It seems like she’s questioning back the reporter(s). :l

  10. weirminfan says:

    Hmm…seems likes not many people here are her fans. That’s okay Bella, you just do what you gotta do. I’m a WM fan who’s supporting you all the way! XD.

  11. Shampoo says:

    There is nothing wrong with weirminfan being a Wier and Min fan and not root for them in real life. I don’t see a problem. Just because you’re a fan of a couple that doesn’t mean you need to cheer for them in real life as a couple.

    She has her right to cheer whoever she wants regardless who she is a fan of.

  12. Gumiho says:

    Oh wow @people telling WMfan to go see a doctor just because she also support WB. I’m sure she’s fine and is in her right mind. She have the right to be WM fan and at the same time she have the right to support WB relationship.

  13. Vinita says:

    I love weir and min, both are the best couple

  14. Aum Bella Fan says:

    Man, what’s wrong with you people. Doesn’t matter who in life they go with. Aum & Bella made the best love story ever told in Plerng Chimplee. It’s quite the most stunning production, location, music, romance, script, mystery and such lovely chemistry between its two leads. They both made the love between Narnthrai & Nuernang so credible!! And the best part of it too, the leads’ chemistry with the other characters around them especially those of the village of Himawat – the grandfather, Saengkum, Kumfai, Muendoy. All these characters gave so much life to the beauty of the story. Only poor Khun Tan he’s such a loving character with his brother (like Harit & Harin of Jam Loey Rak), too bad they didn’t ever allow him a glimpse of happiness in the end. If you ever read a book by the writer Bravo Caridad Adams, this story is like her beautiful epic “Corazon Salvaje” (The Wild Heart), a wonderful novel made into a lovely telenovella of 80 chapters. Bella & Aum should be judged by this movie alone, hope they get to act together again. Such a beautiful couple, and both very, very attractive people. We girls will of course say Aum is hot & so handsome and boy does he love his Nuernang so badly, and wondrously, but for Bella my office guys would root anytime each time they see her in that Neurnang outfit – soft & naturally beautifully shaped pretty lips, sexy ass in the way she walks, and err that luscious though modestly covered bust during the dance. We all agreed, though, love to see Narnthrai & Nuernang in the wake-up morning scenes hahaha. So romantic. The music helps to rip your guts out as well. Yeah – so, you see? We all live in their world when we watch their movies. We can only hope that in real life they will find real love. So the choices they make – we applaud for now. Because it’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along. Good luck Bella! Aum, too! Don’t listen to others, Bella. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL!!

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