Bella Ranee refutes being wasted and sharing room with Mark Prin

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  1. Lalita says:

    She looks good with Mark. It looks like she was drinking that day, who would admit to being drunk at a party anyways. Yelling at the ocean is not something a sober person would do , I wouldnt think.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry but imma hav to disagree bout u sayin yellin at the ocean isn’t something a sober person would do!!! I honestly do tht n I know lots of ppl who hav done it sober!!! It’s not yellin at da ocean it’s mor like a releasin out ur expression , as in expressin ur joy of bein on a beautiful beach…Relief of a lil freedom …. Stress… Etc!!!!
      # jus sayin

      • -Nah says:

        Unless that was sarcasm, I’m gonna have to say that’s crazy talk…if that’s normal you would see more ppl yelling at the ocean on the daily basis. Even if it was normal, everyone around would look up to see the crazy person yelling at the ocean. What a nutty excuse for being drunk and loud. Should have just said “I was talking to my deaf invisible friend”.

  2. ash30 says:

    I like her hair in the pic with mark. If no one has prove showing she is leaving the room with mark then she can deny it lol. Some celebs are really smart in covering their track…others not so much.

  3. alwa says:

    is this that one incident?

  4. -A says:

    Poor Mark. He’s in another bad rumor. 🙁

  5. Kay says:

    These young stars today reminds me of Melrose Place.

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