Bella Ranee refutes plastic surgery allegations; Doesn’t want to be compared to Nadech-Yaya

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  1. teran says:

    I believe her, as you age and lose weight your face also changes. Eye makeup also changes your features from chinky to big eyes, but only for some people. All of this apply towards me because I used to be chunky when I was younger, too.

  2. teasingonly555 says:

    don’t care. i care for bella, just not for the typical celebrity having plastic surgery scrutiny. yes or no, makes no difference to me. it’s the norm.

  3. Mya says:

    No big deal if she had surgery or not as long as she keeps it real, but why does she claim she’s a newbie. I’ve watched her in Roy Marn, Tawan yod Rak, and porn prom onlaweng. James Ji is a newbie, not her. Just that she finally got nang ek roles this year but she’s had experience.

  4. SangSS says:

    I think she make her nose. Her nose not natural.

    • Bebe says:

      I think I might have to agree.. The nose is very different from then and now. I mean no need to lie if she did or not, but that nose is definitely different. I agree with Mya about her NOT being a Newbie. She’s only new to nang ek roles and even then she still had a big supporting role so yes she’s qualified to be compared to and she’s had experiences. Smh that’s false claim Bella.

  5. Mai says:

    She debuted in 2011. If Na and Yaya are still considered somewhat newbies, then Bella is no different. She’s still a newbie compared to the other two

    • Bebe says:

      Well your definition of newbie might just be different from mine because when I see her face I didn’t feel that she was a newbie because of the familiar face. As for NA and yaya I wouldn’t know because I started following them only the end of last year, but always knew that they have been around. James Ji yea… New face for sure

  6. Mai says:

    She hasnt been in the industry for more than 3 years, so yes I do consider her a newbie.

    • Bebe says:

      Na and yaya is on their 3rd year as we speak correct me if I’m wrong ..right?

      • Mai says:

        Yaya had her first lakorn since 2008, and Na had his first lakorn in 2010. But both of them debuted in the industry earlier than their lakorn debut lol. So no matter how you put it, both of them are older generation than Bella lol

        • Bebe says:

          I’m not putting it in any kind of way. I was only asking because like I said before I only started following them since last year. I just remember alot of hype about them in 2010 so I wasn’t sure which is why I said “correct me”. Bella’s “debuted” role on Roy Marn was a pretty big role, that’s why her face seems not so newbie to me. Well lets just agree to disagree then. I’ll just say she’s not a newbie nor is she vet either in my opinion.

  7. Mai says:

    Ok assuming shes’ not a newbie, and Yarry isnt either. She’s not wrong to claim that she’s newer than both Yaya and Na lol. She never claimed herself to be a newbie, she just claim that she’s newer than Nadech-Yaya

    • Bebe says:

      I can easily admit that part is true.. In that case she can claim being newer than them but not a newbie. All this may seem like I’m attacking her but I actually like the girls acting… But what do you think about her nose Mai? To me it look like she had some work done. Mai Davika claim u think? Lol

  8. Mai says:

    Unlike Mai Davika her excuse is more understandable, she didnt pull the “I’m luk krueng” excuse lol.

    I think she might have had her nose done. But at the same time I think the changes on her face is subtle, so her excuse could also be reasonable. I think I’d have to see more pictures to 100% believe she’s had work done

  9. MISST says:

    Shes too old looking. Hate her scratchy voice.

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