Benz Pornchita & Mick Baromvudh’s wedding in Hua Hin

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  1. Kizukami says:

    seriously, I am touched as well, you can say they get married out of love
    the wedding was beautiful! Congrats to the couple!

  2. Shampoo says:

    Hahahahaha the last picture is hilarious. It was a beautiful wedding. From tears of happiness to a hilarious ending lol. Thanks Mai

  3. Mai says:

    I think every wedding has it’s special moments, but it takes a special photographer who is able to catch those moments and make it into an everlasting memory. This couple is lucky they chose the right person for the job. I think this is the same photographer that Noon likes to hire for her parties. Cee and Amy uses this guy too

  4. Mai says:

    Hope this same guy is invited to Oil’s wedding. I want good pictures like this for his wedding too lol

  5. Shampoo says:

    Lol hopefully we will have HD pics!!!

  6. Mai says:

    Nui’s getting married this weekend too, the 10th right? that means we should see pics up soon too

  7. teptida says:

    oh what a touching wedding. we can see how much they love each other. congratulations to them and all the family. i didn’t know mick is chai’s brother

  8. Penny says:

    Congrats Mick and Ben 😉

  9. sally says:

    I wish I could have great wedding pics like that. I love Benz so much. i’m glad she’s married to a great guy. They’ve been dating for many years I believe. She will be a great wife and a great mother for sure.

  10. Sunny says:

    Amazing they are truly in love and happy this day has come ^^

  11. yajnaree says:

    Who else is jealous? I am . They look perfect together. After nine years, their love sure is strong.Congratulation to them both. Chai is such a loving brother, not afraid to show his love for his brother too.

  12. nanthao says:

    those are some BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Well captured. Nune’s favorite photographer is Dan Neramit. This is the first time I’ve seen Vin’s work. Can’t wait to see the one for their wedding next year!

  13. newtolakorns says:

    Simply beautiful! I’m touch and very happy for them.

    Congratulations to the couple….May you always have a blessed life.

    Thank you, Mai for sharing.

  14. Thi says:

    I’m in tears.. They look so happy and beautiful together! Wish them eternity happiness!!

  15. Danyestelle says:

    Waow those pictures are just perfect and reflect so much emotions, especially the ones with Chai & Vicky… Beautiful couple and I can only wish them a lifetime of happiness together 🙂

    • naimee02 says:

      Omg….I couldn’t agree with you more about Kodak Moments. I especially adore the love and connection the brothers have for one another. They are very affectionate toward one another, awesome relationship 🙂 Congrats to Mick and Benz 🙂 These pictures also brought me to tears :/

  16. :) says:

    They are very sweet, this is actually the first time that I have happy tears for Any actors who were getting martied.other actors wedding photo didn’t bring tears to me.

  17. Mai says:

    I posted a video of the wedding at the top. It’s the morning show doing coverage on the wedding. They also included a video from Vin, the photographer who did the professional pictures too. I suppose this photographer is better at getting stills than he at capturing the feel on film. Narakorn still takes the cake for that

  18. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    What a lovely couple, I was routing for them from the start, and they made it!! Congrats to them 😀 now I’m excited for Cee & Amy wedding ^_^

  19. Evelyn says:

    Aw~ Congrats Benz and Mick. The pictures are truly beautiful!

  20. wonbinlover says:

    Love the pics but not the video. They seem like a happy couple and Vicki and Chai look very happy and supportive of them.

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