Bomb Tanin admits having a fling as a result of sulking over Focus Jeerakul

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  1. Berry says:

    Well at least he did bust a Pong N. move lol

  2. :) says:

    Ok…. This news of these two couple (excuse me, I mean ex-couple) are so

  3. Belle says:

    There’s always two sides to a story, but for me it really has effected by enjoyment of watching his lakorn Cubic.

  4. Mouna says:

    Well, from what i see, they stopped to see each others some time ( for me if you stop to see each other you are not together so he didn’t cheat on her). All he said is sorry and don’t even blame her, the opposite of her when she did the video and post it. If she wanted gain some popularity she did but no in the good way.
    The reporter are very funny because from the interviews which I see they are the ones who strangling him when he wanted to pass. If he doesn’t want to talk they should respect that choice. if I was him I would have been scared. But the CUBIC is very good the acting of BOMB really improve from the last year. I’m in love with the CUBIC !!

    • Annie says:

      Stop seeing each other? They quarreled and sulk over each other. If they stop seeing each other with the word let’s break up, then I don’t think it would have been a big deal. And it looks like it isn’t just one girl Bomb is seeing behind her back.

      Why should he blame her when it’s his fault? He’s the one in the wrong. She may be wrong in that she allows him to come back to her life for 2 years. Lol

      Again, she didn’t gain popularity in a bad way. Bomb is the one gaining his fame in a negative way. Why should he be scared of reporters mobbing him? Then he shouldn’t try to run away in the first place. And his excuse of I’m not running away is lame too.

      Bomb’s acting in Cubic is stoic. He looks ugly too.

      • nette4ever says:

        I’m really sorry for you Annie, Bomb’s acting may not be good as of the moment but there’s always room for improvement. And really sorry again, will you browse at google what an ugly man looks like coz Bomb is a very handsome man with so much appeal.

        • Michelle says:

          haha…. ugly? Bomb is one good looking man. I’m not a fan. But I have not seem any good looking actors in the Thai industry since Will McIntosh. You may dislike him because of the new with Focus, but we don’t know what really happened. Focus is not innocent herself. At least, Bomb didn’t make negative comments about Focus. That’s quite a gentleman behavior if you ask me.

  5. Mouna says:

    Annie you seem to be biased, because you really like focus. I read in the article and it’s said not seeing each other’s for sometime, in Thai enternement the dharas break up like because of this. You are passionate but don’t use reason to see thing for what they are. You know I don’t like chakrit because I think he look like old but I must admit he have a really good acting. Don’t stick from what you read in the paper you have to put yourself in the shoes to see what they think. If I was Bomb I will keep my relationship to me, he is a newbie and don’t want the other think I was with Focus gain popularity.

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