Bomb Tanin and Mint Chalida is not Cubic

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  1. Sevinc says:

    It is your opinion. Yes, there are many mistakes, as an another lakonrs. But my friends and i like this lakorn. We dont know thai language, but we understand all acts, all conversations and emotions because of actors playing. And we love Bomb and Mint in this lakorn.

    • Mouna says:

      I think like you, I’m. French and don’t speak or understand Thai but when I watched the series without sub ( sorry can’t wait ) I could see the feeling he wanted to shows and understand the meaning from the scene like when they search a way to trick Puei In and save Meena. From watched the different in the environment of the show here the story is more light than the book. But people forget they didn’t do it in Hong Kong because they didn’t have money and time. Some people talk like all of this is easy to make because they never worked on movie and you have to add time schedule of everyone and the time slot for the location of space. I think they did a fantastic job with this show don’t be blind by the special effect of low budget. It’s not super production from USA, everyone should try. For the first time I liked to see Mint Chalinda acting and the Bomb really improved, I will look for hi. In the future.

    • Chi Bui says:

      Cubic is an awesome movie. I spend time to watch it over and over. It is one of my favorite movies. I love the main characters. I think Mr. Bomb plays his part well because he shows he does not know how to react around a genius, just like most of our humbling human fellows. And speaking about genius, they are superior in certain fields but also have characters which are questionable childish, aren’t they?

  2. Princess says:

    I think you too hard on them Bomb and Mint. The last esposide, I thought were romantic.

  3. your whole post made me nod with every point. Ialso have to add that the music was horrible. I have been finding that ch3 music randomly stops at scenes and there are awkward silences. They really need to work on the bgm. Not to mention so many stupid parts where the story doesn’t make any sense. Everyone in this supposed hong kong speaks thai, even taxi drivers lol.

    • Gnemtra says:

      I worked on original subs and the music was there, someone then took out the music score after uploads. I don’t know why, because the original music score was lovely. I thought it was one of the most well done Thai music scores in a long time. I’m sorry that it was taken out and made it awkward. Maybe try to find unaltered vids on YT to watch?

  4. Susy says:

    One of lakorn CH3 very very boring to die (if they have a button DISLIKE) i must be the one who is going to push! Pra ek: dislike Nang ek: Boffff

  5. Dani305 says:

    I was really looking forward to this. Am disappointed that subbing is so slow but I can’t get past the raw episodes so I had to drop the lakorn.

    • Nee says:

      Really? I thought the subbing was super fast. Viki always has it completed within the week it airs, and that’s all three episodes weekly.

  6. SNV says:

    this lakorn was soo stupid…i like mint and that was the only reason why i watched it…bomb, oh my lawd can not act for shit…..i mean sure he’s new i’ll let it slide but seriously tho the whole time his character never changes emotion from that dumb blank look…they really had no F***ing chemistry i dont see hpw they even fell in love, i knew they were pranang but it seriously felt like it would be Nark and Dannys story bc they have more chemistry together and been thru hell together…this lakorn was a big disappointment…and also LinPueyin should have play LanSer

  7. CinCin says:

    Too much is way too much thinking. I would agreed with your opinions, but this is definitely a bias review lol. So,I would have to say I love the lakorn~CUBIC.It was a bit boring but alittle of romance breezed in awhile from time to time. Love Bomb & Mint Chalida all the way ^^ I also really love the soundtracks in the Lakorn.

  8. Mouna says:

    Maybe some people didn’t liked because it’s not the style they wanted but the show was really good. They made simple with small invest.

  9. Sevinc says:

    What are you want? In all thai lakorns has many stupit moments. Thislakorn not so bad, as you says. There are many sweet and cut scenes. Denny dont look to Nak as a woman. There are a best friends, and there not chemistry. And music was very nice, I am from Azerbaycan, my friends are from Russian, Ukrain, Kazakhistan. We all like Cubic,

  10. Berry says:

    This lakorn and Bomb sure is making a lot of news and articles!! With that being said supposedly people aren’t too fond of him but yet he’s a hot commody whether he’s good in acting or not. Curse and a blessing that is. Lol I’d be pretty happy if I were him

  11. gypsy says:

    I, personally liked this lakorn! I’ve never heard of Bomb or seen him act prior to this lakorn and I thought he did a great job! I looked forward to watching it every week! So sad to see it end but excited to see the other parts!

  12. Lovely girl says:

    I dont care alot. This drama is good enough for me, Exspescialy I like bomb & mint here. Hope they will pair up again together.

  13. Cherish222 says:

    I wouldn’t say this was a total loss. There were some good moments and some bad moments. I would disagree with the comment on their chemistry. I think Bomb and Mint had great chemistry. The action scenes were poorly done but the romantic ones were all there. I think all the bashing on BOmb is probably due to his recent scandal. He’s not an Oscar winner but he wasn’t that bad. The scene where she comes to tell him that she’s going to reveAl herself as Cubic and he tells her his plan, the moment when he leans in for the kiss and she falls back, his expression was so real. You can feel his irritation that she’s clumsy.

    I embraced this lakorn and thought it was fun to watch. It was joyful and pleasant. Instead of being like other lakorn where the people are always bickering and fighting. This was a happy and entertaining lakorn. I think Mint’s acting was awesome. mint and Nott were the best acting wise. I don’t quite get why people are so annoyed that this wasn’t filmed in Hong Kong. The location doesn’t make a movie or a lakorn. It’s the people and how they portray the characters. I will agree that it wasn’t good how they left First’s character hanging and how they killed off Noey’s character but overall this was a feel good lakorn.

    Watching this with no bias or preconceptions, I felt it was good and would be excited to see part two.

    • Noodleluv1999 says:

      I totally agree with u cherish222

    • pas78 says:

      Agree with all u said. Love this Lakorn, and the moments between Bomb and Mint.

      • NatNat says:

        Natnat. I love this lakorn no matter what ppl think. If ppl had bad comments about the actor and actress my suggestion they shouldnt watch it at all and please dont be a hater and appreciated that they have a movie for y’ all to watch. Looking forward to watch part 2 go Bomb and Mint.

        • Fun says:

          I watch lakorn for fun. I really enjoy Cubic, and hope that someday somebody will come out with the next series of Cubic with the same leading man and women. I’m not a fan of any, but do enjoy Bomb and Mint when they play together. Seems natural between them two

    • natasha says:

      Honestly i think he should be a little more fierce he is Hong kong Mafia, action scenes yes they need a more realism and combat after all it is Asian so i expect he is going to be a Martial arts, weapons expert, with mean Business tactics. She yes for her IQ there was need for like you know on the spot more devious kinda undermining kinda drive. While the above was needed i could not get enough of this Lakorn it kept me thinking what next, and i love the romantic part especially where he has to hold back because he realizes that she is young, i love that he is possessive in the sense that he wants to register the marriage before she goes off to study.I loved it will probably read the books since it seems to be the rage but also cant wait for part two if part one was this good just imagine when they invest a little more to make part two. By the way can anybody tell me where Gotham City is because what is the issue with the Lakorn not being filmed in Hong Kong seriously. The acting was a little fine tuning and Bomb has the potential to be a big movie star. Great Job to all cast and director.

  14. asl says:

    LOL I feel like I was reading what I wrote in the Cubic thread at AF. For those that does not understand Thai, enunciation and tone of voice plays a big role in one’s acting. Bomb was literally just reading his script monotone. There was no acting involved on his part.

    I also had an issue with the relationship. She being 17, he being 27. On top of that, she’s a student, he’s her principle. They changed so much in the book, why not the age as well. Since they didn’t film in HK and filmed in Taiwan, might as well go along with it by having it set in Taiwan instead of throwing people off by showing Tapei 101 when they are supposedly in HK. You don’t need a whole lot of money to produce a quality lakorn. Most Youtubers who does skit does a way better job at editing and filming.

    And don’t even get me started with Ruthainark supposedly high IQ. If she has an IQ of 153, then I must have an IQ of 200! I’m not bragging but I can solve the game cube in less than 10 minutes. Some people can do it within a few seconds. People with IQ over 153 can calculate mathematical problems like nothing. There were other ways they could have portrayed her intelligence in many ways but they chose to chose simple common sense that a 5 year old can come up with. I was eye rolling when she told Lan Ser that he could save by turning off the air conditioner at night when no one is working. I don’t know what century they are in but you can set your room temperature by time. It will automatically turn off when it hits room temperature. And why would they have on the AC in an empty building at night any way?

    • Shampoo says:

      Ditto, his tone and enunciate really bothers me.

      • asl says:

        I can only understand partial Thai without the aid of English translation.

        I had a few chuckle reading the comments here, Shampoo your review was not bias. I can overlook a few flaws in dramaland but Cubic had way too many. I definitely enjoyed the romance part (eventually I had to use my imagination a bit and delete a lot of things in my head) but this lakorn was just terrible in general.

    • Fluffy says:

      OMG I laughed at this it is so true like 100%

    • Jojo says:

      Shut the hell up if u cant act like them u dont need to speak about them like that they didnt pay u to watch their lakorn. U just use ur stupid brain decide to watch it now u talk shit about it.

  15. Cin says:

    I’ve watched about 8 episodes so far, so I’m halfway. I’ll probably finish it just to see how it ends. Though I definitely spoiled myself with your post lol. From what I’ve seen, I like Mint and First scenes more than her and Bomb. If only Nark and Danny were the main pairing =,( Another case of second-lead syndrome for me I guess. But then again Bomb’s acting may be the reason I don’t particularly like Lin Ser.

    I hope Mint pairs up with First in the future! They’re cute together =)

    Sidenote: They’re really already planning a sequel?

  16. van says:

    I really enjoyed this lakorn and waiting for cubic 2 .With same casts

  17. sandy says:

    I liked the lakorn..mainly because I like chalida…bomb sounded like he was just yelling all the time.. He needs to improve His acting skills and he will like most of the newbies on ch 3 .. Half of them suck at acting in the beginning.. Looking forward to see his progression.

  18. bupbeteru says:

    Different ppls different opinions. I personally enjoyed this lakorn a lot. I think Bomb and Mint had great chemistry.together. I really hope for cubic 2 with SAME cast.

    I wonder why people dont like it but still watch until the end, hahaaa…..

  19. Cookie says:

    I love this lakorn so much.

  20. Nee says:

    I agree with almost all of your points, Shampoo. Nak’s (mis)spelling was just embarrassing. I also thought Bomb needed to sound more forceful. Listening to him talk, I couldn’t understand why anyone would fear him, nor could I understand how he was made boss because he seemed lost most of the time. The lakorn has its entertaining moments, but it certainly doesn’t inspire me to read the novel – or maybe it does just to see how much better the novel must be that fans of the book are so disappointed by the lakorn.

  21. elisa says:

    oh boy, Bomb madness, he should feel happy while he’s being pushed to the front of such controversy~~ Concur with some points of shampoo, however, I can’t help defending to some extant Bomb since he portrayed such a cute but complicated-minded LinLanSer as a new actor, lol. MintC has done a good job in my opinion, although some scenarios bothered…Anyways, looking forward to the part 2 if it is planed and hope the producer can make it even nicer

  22. Cupid Candy says:

    That’s why I hate UMA, they seem to have potential but everything just falls flat.

  23. Fluffy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks bomb looks like a pedophile especially when he’s with mint she looks like a 15 or 16 year old while he looks 26 and his dumb blinks he cannot act!!

  24. cil says:

    Yes..I agree!! Nadech and gubgib have a good chemistry. In fact that both of them are freindly and easy going person. If not here,where can I watch them as n’ek and p’ek? Gosh. People have same thought

  25. Sovatana says:

    Nothing to say for Bomb. I expected some improvements from him but there was none. In fact, his acting was even worse! He blinks too much and definitely he can’t act! To be honest, I don’t think he deserves to be a Pra’ek at all. I was just wondering how the heck he got the role in Gentleman Juthatep series. Totally disappointed! I would agree that Nadech fits the role instead but not Gubgib (haha). Keep Mint, I wouldn’t mind seeing one Nalida (even I don’t really like the two to pair. I’m an NY fans lol).

  26. maya says:

    You are too much and overthinked this lakorn, I think Cubic is simple and fun to watch. I total departure from overrated, overacted and too drawn out usual thai lakorn. Thats why many people have enjoyed it, because Cubic has brought them back to a simple, sweet, awkward but entertaining story. I concur that the production and screen play could be a lot better, but I was able to ignore that because I enjoyed the interactions between Bomb and Mint and of the supporting actors. They were entertaining. If they are going to do Cubic 2 wished they can retain the lighthearted atmosphere and entertaining feeling they left us with Cubic 1, but hopefully the production will be a lot better so there will be no harsh critics anymore.

  27. Helen says:

    The reason why she had to look awkward-looking was because in the book, her character is supposed to be unattractive–ugly, you could say. She had to take off her retainers or something like that. As for Bomb’s acting, I agree it ain’t the best. I’m a fan of Mint’s, I admit, but I also admit that this lakorn isn’t the best. I think the book is better.

  28. Minhheng says:

    I think Bomb act in this lakorn not good. his action have a lot mistake.

  29. golden​lily says:

    Love this lakorn. I think Bomb and Mint did pretty good in Cubic. Can’t wait for part 2. Hope its the same cast, especially Bomb and Mint. Love the story line.

  30. Bee says:

    I watched the lakorn and liked it, I thought Mint was really cute, and Bomb wasn’t too bad. After watching it, it made me want to read the novels, and after reading all 4 of the books, I can see why avid readers of the books hated the lakorn. And now that I’ve read the books, I can see how much injustice was done to the characters in the lakorn. They completely dumbed down Ruethainak’s character, so that everything she does in the lakorn seems to be a happy fluke. In the novels she is much more clever and calculating. I’m glad they’re not making part 2 after all, given the plot of the last two books, I think it would’ve been impossible to do well. I highly recommend reading the novels!

  31. netra says:

    in this lakorn Bomb is a young gerneration in the Chaihong group company, and most of the work is complete by Jongsin that is why everytime he always need Jongsin to agree with him. He trust Jonsin.
    Other i think this is a really good thai movie i ever seen. whoever complain about his lakorn, have you look back to the old thai movie? All of that always woman chasing guys,fighting for men and money. And those woman are do dirty…hate that..
    Bomb is a new actor so im sure he need time to make it perfect. Like what i said it is a good lakorn i ever seen.

  32. Elle says:

    I agree with the review. This lakorn had me yawning from the start.

  33. lisa says:

    I think people is being a little too harsh on these actors and actresses. People need to understand that these are kids n simply they are just human being. We all need experiences in life n they should be able to live life just like normal people like us. We like to have fun and there is nothing wrong with that. Im sure there is worst shit is happening that we dont know. Because everybody is so fast to judge but alot of times we only know what we hear but im sure there r two sides to every story. But in my opinion we all should be truthful and that’s the best way to live life. So give these people a chance I luv the cubic movie I think bomb and mint was great. I think he was great with that role. I just think that the movie is too simple and not that creative in everything ..

    • Annie says:

      I don’t understand you. I think we are all truthful here that’s why we’re expressing our opinion on our views (meaning truthful in our mind). That’s why we judge their acting because they are an ACTOR. That Bomb sucks, not because of the storyline is not creative. Whether it is creative or not, it doesn’t change that Bomb sucks.

      And they’re not kids. They are new actors but they’re not kids if they’re at 20-23 years of age. Mint has been in the industry for many yearssss so she is not that new.

      Who says they couldn’t live life normal like humans? No one is putting them on a pedestal except their fans.

  34. pennz says:

    This lakorn is more entertaining in all others that I have watched…Because its different story…not drama all the time. Ending are all the same but CUBiC your looking forward to the next Chapter and expecting the same characters as they know how to work with one another and makes the viewer more intense…

  35. Jfan says:

    loveeeeeeeed it all the way…His acting was not the best, but as far the romance goes …they sold it …..the connection was amazing.Just because you have something against the actor does not mean that everything should put it against the plot of the show….

    I also think that the girl that came out with that YouTube video and that story is pathetic and needs a life.She thinks that she will get back at him if she does this..If things were so bad and humiliating why didn’t you just leave.She was thinking about dating a famous person and got herself in this situation.I feel no sympathy.To me she is lying and being vindictive.She reminds me of the evil step girlfriends in the dramas that do evil things when they do not get what they want.Come on guys she was with him for two yearrrrrrssssss…..why YouTube now….is it because he left you……pathetic….
    Just to let you know I am not a fan of bomb or whatever and Cubic is the first Thai drama I watched and absolutely loved..

  36. cindy stock says:

    I watch a lot of korean shows online with eng subs, so it was odd that I got hooked on Cubic, but I did! I acknowlege a lot of faults in production with the sound, some too long pauses, and downright silly visuals at times with the ninja dressed guys, but.. I still LOVED it.. I totally bought into the love story, and loved the whole concept. What frustrates me is that we can’t read or get the books online translated at all. I’ve searched everywhere from the US and it’s just not avail to eng lang people at all.. wish the publisher would make it avail somehow. It’s a three book series.. and the drama only did the first book… I bet the books would sell great world wide because the story is so much fun.

    • Bee says:

      It’s actually 4 books, and the lakorn covered the first 2. Maybe if it’s popular enough some fans may translate it, but after having read the books I can tell you it’s not an easy story to translate… I know I definitely couldn’t do it, it would take forever!

      • clstock56 says:

        I actually was able to purchace the books.. yes.. 4 book series. I’m moving cross country right now, so at the end of summer My project is going to be trying to translate the books.. Agree… it’s not an easy language to translate, and what I come up with won’t be as good as a Thai speaker would be able to do.. the Thai language just isn’t setup like English, or other European, or Latin based languages.. BUT.. I’m not going to give up, I’ll at least be able to get a crude storyline out of it with enough time and use of several online translation services. Still trying to figure out how and where to post the Translations? I don’t want to get in trouble with Copyright issues.. (but if they’d publish in English I wouldn’t have to even worry about this!!!)

  37. See says:

    Like the blogger mentioned on the above, I will have to agree because I was disappointed. I did not like the acting at all and there were some points where I did not understand what was happening or why it happened. But I am not going to be harsh though, it was an “okay” lakorn.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything the writer said here yet I still liked the series, lol. I can’t pinpointed what it is exactly that drew me in. I think the fault should go to the director. The director tells the actors what they want and tells them to cut if it’s not right and in the end he/she just let it go as it is. Bombs acting was really cringe worthy and some scenes were just…smh….I think with Thai dramas you can’t expect the quality that is in Korean or Japanese dramas. Their production quality and script writing quality just doesn’t measure up and you have to come to terms with that. That’s what I’ve done. If I compared Thai dramas to other dramas I would never watch a Thai drama again. I think also they may not have the budget that other countries have to make dramas so they have to make due. Hopefully one day they can get to the level of dramas from other countries but I still enjoy them for what they are which is simple entertainment. They can’t even work on the darn audio problems so to expect to get quality from anything else is asking too much.

    On the other hand, one drama I have hopes for is Raak Boon 2. It’s similar to Master’s Sun but not really, but it’s good so far. You guys should check it out.

  39. BELLA DONE says:

    I don’t think so this lakorn is so beautifull, amasing
    i love tanin and mint acting they r a fun couple i wish make another part for this serie and keep them together

  40. Chris says:

    After watching this lakorn I was really disappointed. It had not done the books justice. Ignoring the fact that the lakorn dragged on through 4-5 episodes before something interesting happens, the acting was just plain terrible! Bomb and Mint just don’t have the chemistry or the acting ability to embrace the characters they are trying to portray. There were many moments I was wincing through the episodes thinking to myself … “Oh god!” If they are planning on continuing this lakorn they really need to improve in many departments. Otherwise, their just ruining Lin Lanser and Nak whom they portray.

    • Shampoo says:

      The writer of the novels did not want to sell the rest of the novels to CH3 because they ruin her book. She asked to collaborate in their lakorn project but I guess Ch3 or Uma denied her. At the end, she decides not sell the copyright to them as a respect to her fans.

      • ANON says:

        Smart choice. If I were her, I wouldn’t sell it either. I mean, I know a lot of people like CUBIC, but, sincerely, the only thing that saves this Lakorn it’s the story. The story and the hope of the romantic advance between the leads is the only thing that keeps you comming back for more. About the acting, some did a decent job (specially Mint) and others did a very poor job (the most popular being Bomb, but you can add many more supporting actors to this list, AND a lot of bodyguards and nurses). About chemistry? None. First, Bomb looks more like a 35 year old than a 27 yeard old (his acting may have something to do), and Mint is petite and young looking (I would give her 14 to 15 years), so everytime he would steal glances at her it made me cringe. And the fact that she wore her school uniform in many scenes, and that everybody would refer to her throughout the whole series as “The kid” didn’t help make this better. Even if we overlook this, the relationship development was a true mess (going nowhere until episode 6 and then, suddenly, Lanser becoming some sort of posessive dictator over Nark. After that, again, little close to none advance/more like going back and forth. Just made you wonder where was this all going. Meena and Puein also made me cringe in a whole different way. A woman who fell in love with the guy who tried to rape her and had her imprisoned for several days (plus I agree, they didn’t have enough warm moments to be able to fall in love). I just took it as a serious case of stockholm syndrome and moved on.
        Scriptwritting, filming, etc? Ugh aweful! The action scenes were laughable (the fighting scene with Lanser and Puein just……made me loose all hope. Either they didn’t think it through, or weren’t taking it seriously). The writting totally failed in portraying Nark as a genious (in some scenes it looked like she had potential /probably the ones taken from the novels/, but in others, her reasoning and conclusions were ridiculously simple (I agree with the air conditioner case. *Major facepalm).
        I don’t criticize her for not responding to Lanser advances though. For God’s sake, people! You think that the fact that a girl has a high IQ makes her some kind of love fortuneteller goddes?! First, Nark doesn’t have as much information as we do (we know that they’re the main couple, so something OUGHT to happen between them; we have Lanser’s story and conversations with other characters, etc.; but she only has a pushpull behavior from Lanser), and secondly, she’s a girl who’s supposedly ugly (don’t let Mint’s puppy eyes and perfect cutis trick you into believing otherwise), who’s been told and bullied her whole life for being ugly, who grew up on a household with a father who favored her awesomely pretty big sister over her and made her do the hard work. It’s like the cinderella tale without the godmother, the glass shoes and the barbie look. What does that result into? An obviously socially awkward, very insecure teenager who’s first response to some random pushpull from a handsome and powerful man won’t be “Oh! maybe he likes me!” Seriously! Get real. It’s not that she’s dumb for not noticing. SHE NOTICES, but discards the possibility because she thinks (she’s been made believe her whole life) that that possibility is minimal, and falling in love with him would be a complete exposure to end up ridiculed and heartbroken. So, pleased, give her a break.
        Moving on, lighting and effects in general were another mess. Same goes with soundtrack (well, it was almost decent, but still failed).

        Adapting a well known set of novels to the screen has never been an easy job. There have been numerous fails (and some epic ones too) in the industry’s history; so I know that this was not easy challenge, but still, they could have seriously done MUCH better with this. Even after all the flaws, we got a catchy lakorn, so imagine how it would have been if they had done a fairly good job. We might have had a lakorn materpiece.

        Well, lost chance is already lost…

        But this is just my opinion. Other people may have other opinions and that’s perfectly fine too. Nothing’s really certain with public’s perception and tastes after all.

        Unfortunately, with pain in my heart, I can’t read Thai, so I can’t read the novels. Does someone know if they’ve made any attempt to translate them? I hope they get officially translated to other languages. I’m sure romance readers will have a feast once that happens *Crosses fingers*

        • cindy stock says:

          Glad to have your knowledgeable comments.. some I suspected, but good to know what’s true and what’s not. I actually LOVE Bomb.. I know his acting started off very stiff, but it got a lot better in My opinion, and I blame a lot of the bad stuff on the way the director Filmed close up shots, and other bad directing, and then the bad production in general, which I’m assuming is the fault of Thai film industry still being very young and immature in quality, as compared to Korean filming industry which has the slickness I’m used to in the US. True.. it’s the story all the way that pulls you in. And even though I’m not into the Girl falling for the guy that kidnapped her, I forgive because They are all the products of their culture, and how they are taught to behave in the Mafia, and in a Male run society.. But because I love the story I get over that.. I’ve read a not of romance novel’s that are very popular that have similar storylines, so it’s a common theme.. and don’t get me started on the Twilight series and how warped that is, yet it works because the fans fall in Love with the characters and want it to work. I feel bad that the writer won’t let a second part 2 be filmed.. but if it was the fans would demand the same actors, because despite all the faults of the production and directing, we did fall in Love with Mint and Bomb and all the other side characters, including Danny. The other option is why aren’t the books published in English? or at least a language that’s easily translated using online tools like French, or Russian, or whatever!!!! I Do have the books, and I’ve been trying to use translation tools, but it’s a VERY SLOW Process.. because the Thai language just doesn’t translate well into English using the online translation tools. But I’m not giving up.. As a fan I consider it my duty to continue to work on it, even if it takes years.. but it would be so much easier for all of her fans if the books were published in English????

  41. Cin says:

    I am actually happy that Ch3 will not be making a sequel to this lakorn. I adore Mint but this lakorn was total mess. Writing and acting were both bad. Bomb and Mint had zero chemistry in here. I read a brief summary of what people told me was suppose to happen in the books and I was like oh the sequels sound promising, but then this happened. I knew right then and there that this pair would not be able to pull off the rest of the storyline. Bomb is not my favorite but I thought he was okay with Taew liked their lakorn together. A large part of me was keeping my fingers crossed that there would be no sequel to this just so that Mint wouldn’t have to pair with Bomb and this rather lackluster production company again. The only reason I made it to episode 8 was because I wanted to see if Mint and First would get more scenes together lol. But I quickly gave up after that.

  42. I really thought you were right on with the summary, it had really poor directing and the the production was really bad. But somehow I still Loved it and have watched it five times.

  43. Asyta says:

    Honestly, i love this lakorn very much. But i do agree about the stupidness of speaking thai rather than the language they should speak. Everyone speaks thai . Haha. That seems weird. ? lmao.
    But i love this lakorn. Bomb and mint has their own unique chemistry to me. Til now i still love them. I ship her more with bomb rather than with pupaa. And in this lakorn, dont be weird about how they can fall in love. Just like puey in and his girl. Love comes in many different way. Even in a way you cant predict. Mafia is a human too. His character is unique and he’s not that bad in this lakorn. Dont be too harsh on them. I think they played well. They are romantic in their own way and i really found myself smiling like an idiot watching this lakorn?. I love cubic.

  44. Pentage says:

    I would like to see Mike d’Angelo in the role of Lin Lan Se, since Mike could play the dark, fierce, silent role type well……

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