Bomb Tanin doesn’t believe “Siamdara’s Rising Star” belongs to James Jirayu originally

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  1. Lalita says:

    lmao, he sounds like a kid answering these questions, he funny, and he calls himself Bomb too. Especially this comment “No, love him; love everyone just like before definitely. Confirm.” He cracked me right up

  2. Shampoo says:

    He cracks me up too. He’s so weird OMG ahhaha and calling himself Bomb lmao

  3. Mai says:

    He’s like New and Mario who also refers to themselves by their names. I know the girls do that all the time. But most guys dont do that lol

  4. chouu says:

    im sorry. isnt there too much james story ?? everything james, james, james. almost 10 articles about this dude in a row. thats why he’s growing soo big. its because the media is blowing too much news about him. im not saying that its your fault or i hate him or anything. just personal opinion about the media.

    • Mai says:

      First of all, the media is writing on him cause he’s hot right now. They’re just trying to benefit from his popularity. James is not a product of the media, he’s a product of his own self. The media is only playing a part now that he’s famous.

      • chouu says:

        he’s hot only because the media’s attention is centered on him. the more articles, the hotter he gets and the more money they make. thats what im trying to say.

        • Mai says:

          I can confirm as a person who translates for the blog on a daily basis, there were barely articles on him until he was already famous. The media is just capitalizing on his fame now, cus his news sell.

          I agree that for some people it’s the media that sensationalizes them. But for James he already made an impact on social media, with the elders and such…then the media finally paid attention to him.

          And the media hasnt wrote an article just to praise him, all they’ve done so far is to state facts. I dont see any article overpraising his looks or his talent. It’s just articles talking about his hotness and popularity.

      • chouu says:

        there should be just more news about other celeb too. right now, its unbalance. everything is centered around james.

  5. Shampoo says:

    Well, I think the media go like this with whoever is not ATM.

  6. Lalita says:

    What are you trying to say? lol ATM?

  7. Linda says:

    Bomb is very good looking, he has the smile and his lip, wow. His acting is not bad compare to Jame J. When khunchai rachanon come out, I forgot all about Jame in khunchai puttipat. I had watched this serious more than 10 times in different languages. But then i like to say Teaw and the story line are also great, I could not leave them to watch the last khunchai. I wish Bomb and Teaw will have more larkorn coming soon.

  8. Maï says:

    Me too, the story of James J worked because the pra’ek fall in love with a girl at first sight but it’s against the personality of the pra’ek because he always lectured people who care about the physical beauty. I don’t he played that well too me It’s take me 3 episode to like the the story. If Bomb or James Ma played the pra’ek it’s would have worked too. The story of James J is the easier to play within the Jutathep series. That what I think.

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