Bomb Tanin ignores his nickname “The leading actor with one face”

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  1. asl says:

    LOL as much as I like Bomb, I won’t lie, he sucks! His facial expression is a like a dead fish. It doesn’t even exert coldness… that is insulting to claim that he was acting like a cold hearted person.

  2. SNV says:

    No his acting was bad in Cubic…don’t use the character as an excuse….he said the character gradually starts to show emotion but everyone can see that he never did…same ugly face when he’s mad same ugly face when he’s happy….no

  3. Mouna says:

    From the Jutathep Series to the Cubic, The acting is better and I think it’s will be even more for the future. But they are wrong for the rating cause after he fall in love with Mint the facial Bomb does change even I who didn’t like him at first admit it.

  4. Annie says:

    About time the media call Him out because he really suck.

    • Chante' says:

      I guess everyone is forgetting he is the leader of a “MAFIA”. Bomb is portraying a heartless character put his personal life aside and focus on his talent abilities, quit being so judgmental and mean.

      • Michelle says:

        Gosh, give the guy a break. He’s new and his acting is not bad for being a newbie. Don’t mix his personal life and career together. Plus, we don’t even know the true story behind close door. I’m not a fan but I must admit he’s a very good looking young man.

        • Mouna says:

          Some people are biased because of the last scandal if he really played that bad the rating wouldn’t be that good

        • maya says:

          I agree, personal and professional life should be separate. People are giving that scandal too much attention when its not even a scandal, what happened was just a very, very simple and common thing called an experience in life. Immaturity and ignorance is another thing, people flies off a handle when they are too hysterical and short tempered, not a very good trait for any person.

      • hanna says:

        that is true Chante he is good of course Mafia what do they expect he is good actor way to go BOMB

      • Fluffy says:

        Yeah but still you gotta have emotions to let the viewers feel his heartless cold self this guy sucks

  5. Lovely girl says:

    After see ” cubic ” I like him very much. Like mint too.

  6. Princess says:

    I finish the Lakorn, I like the story line and I think he and mint did pretty good.

  7. Lucy Natsu says:

    I thought he was pretty good. I couldn’t wait till every Friday to watch a new episode, so to me he was good, I don’t understand why people hating for, if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  8. elisa says:

    Come on, Bomb is still so young without experiencing much in his life. How he played in Cubic was not perfect, but showed his progress. The character of LinLanSer is def a challenging one and Bomb has done a fair job huh

  9. Berry says:

    I’m truthfully not a fan of his acting but I can’t hate the guy. I need to catch up on this lakorn though. Kind of surprised he got another role so soon with Richy. Oh boy.

  10. Mouna says:

    It’s funny to see people say they don’t like but they watched to the END, the y are not honest with them. Who watch a show to end if they don’t like it ??? People STOP to lie yourself

  11. golden​lily says:

    I think Bomb and Mint did pretty good in Cubic. I watch Cubic 7 times now, still not tried of it. Can’t wait for part 2. Hope its the same cast, especially Bomb and Mint. Love the story line.

    • Rosa Nguyen says:

      I agree. I love this couple. They have good chemistry together ^^. I really wish they are dating in real life 😀

  12. Minsoosshi says:

    I’m sorry but his acting is not okay. At first i gave his lakorn a few try thinking that the character would develope but seriously from beginning to end his acting was still below average. I understand his character was meant to be cold so therefore he could only do so much but the so much he did was close to nothing at all. 90% of the time all he did was keep a straight face and say the lines that he had to say. Also acting and being in the media is his job and his job involves both his public and private life at times whether he likes it or not, the image he has can bring his career a long way but he chooses to be a jerk and did what he did, that adding to the many factors as to why many might not want to support him.

  13. pennz says:

    In this industry Criticisms is part of it with out it you dont know what part of you is missing…You dont realize it develops more of you..BoMB keep it up…just be your self

  14. Rosa Nguyen says:

    Based on his experiences in acting, I think he did a good job in playing the role of Lin Lan Ser in Cubic. His acting doesn’t look awkward at all. Since he is a new actor and has only been in a few lakorns, his acting has improved a lot. No one is perfect. Even though he needs to work more on his acting skills, Bomb Tanin has potential to be a good actor. As far as I believe, the more you practice the better you get. Just give him sometimes.

  15. f cristina says:

    A mi me encanta y creo que hizo bien su papel de Lin Lan Ser, tenemos que darle la oportunidad de verlo actuar en nuevas series para que pueda demostrar su capacidad actoral, Bomb tienes un rostro precioso me facinas y espero verte en nuevos personajes

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