Bomb Tanin reveals for the first time after Focus deliciously exposed him

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  1. Lena says:

    Not anti fan ! Bomb <3

  2. :) says:

    He confess. Lol !!! That’s what I’m talking about !!

  3. Shampoo says:

    He didn’t really confess to anything 5555

  4. Mai says:

    he confess to two timing. Read carefully the part where he confirms its’ not Pine, so that means someone else does exists lol

    thanks Shamp

  5. Lin says:

    hmmmm…. I think his exactly what focus said his like, even by his answering questions, I’m pretty sure he didn’t really answer anything straight forward. I don’t have one ounce or sympathy for people like that. I’m not an anti fan, I still am watching his lakorn, but horrible that people can treat others like that.

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