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Bomb Tanin shocked again! Matt Peeranee withdraw from “Duen Pradub Dao” without explanation

This sure make Sup’star “Bomb Tanin” shivers after gossip thinks that he is the reason why “Matt Peeranee” withdraw from “Duen Pradub Dao” like a thunderbolt.  This is the second time that has happen to Bomb when nang’ek “Taew Natapohn” withdraw from “Pee Roon Pram Ruk” at the beginning of the year.


Bomb Tanin has to give an interview with the press that he isn’t the reason as reported.  This has nothing to do with him as everyone thinks.  It is probably a personal reason that the nang’ek decided that way…

bomb tanin

Did you know about the recent news of Matt’s withdraw? 

Yes, I know.  Pe’Donut personally called me that Matt withdraw.  But I haven’t talk or know the details what happen.


Are you confused why all of a sudden Matt withdraw? 

I think she has her own personal reason.


A lot of buzz are saying she’s not happy working with you? 

Honestly, when Pe’Donut called me about the news, I was shocked.  I even ask her frankly if I’m the reason.  Pe’Donut clarify that it has nothing to do with me.  I feel better after she said that (smile).


So, does it mean you also think you’re the reason? 

No.  I was just assuming if she has problem with anyone or if she has a misunderstanding with me.  That’s it.  I am just checking and I feel better that it isn’t me.


Do you feel bad that as soon as the nang’ek withdraw, people assume it’s because you’re the pra’ek? 

Eh… I believe everyone has their own reasons.  When Pe’Taew withdraw, she told me because of her health.  I don’t know what Matt’s reason is because we haven’t talk of the details.


Another news is there was a picture of you taking a girl to watch movie? 

I went to watch movie with friends.  She is just a friend and not someone special.


But according to the news, it said you walk very close together. 

No.  We walked normally and watch movies normally.  But that day it was just the two of us.


So, it means this person is quite close and special? 

Let’s just call it friend because we’re still giving each other’s space.  She understands it because we talked about it (smile).


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | July 9, 2015


  1. Awe, how Sad. :(

    But the interview….
    “….according to the news, it said you walk very close together. ” LMAO !!!!!!!!!

  2. It seems that Bomb don’t get so much promotions like his Jutathep brothers. I wish ch.3 promotes him more like the other four.

    • Maybe it’s because of his less than stellar acting skills.

  3. Maybe because his acting sucks, lol!

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