Bomb Tanin shocked again! Matt Peeranee withdraw from “Duen Pradub Dao” without explanation

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  1. what-ever says:

    Awe, how Sad. 🙁

    But the interview….
    “….according to the news, it said you walk very close together. ” LMAO !!!!!!!!!

  2. IRakLakorn says:

    It seems that Bomb don’t get so much promotions like his Jutathep brothers. I wish ch.3 promotes him more like the other four.

  3. lorena says:

    Maybe because his acting sucks, lol!

  4. MZCHENG says:

    Aww. this is sad. But I’m glad at the same time, Matt don’t match him. I wonder why 2 na’ek withdraw.

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