Boss Pravit of CH3 confirms Neua Mek 2 will not re-air

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  1. Kwan says:

    Well, just give us the sweet scenes and it’ll be all good. Haha! As long as I get to see Mark & Mint, alongside Eye and Top, I am happy enough. They can just cut out the political stuff and do something with it. Although it’ll be choppy, at least we still get an ending out of it. Maybe if they aired it awhile back, it probably could have died down already. There can be a possibility of it being a problem but it’s just a lakorn and for entertainment only. Nobody thinks beyond that. Gosh. I am getting really irritated with everything nowadays.

  2. veebabie says:

    this so sad,i really wished to see sweet scenes between the four pranangs.

  3. Kizukami says:

    this is what I’ve expected….. I mean they wouldn’t risk to re-air NM2, if they banned the lakorn for some reason, what other reasons would make them to put it back on air?

  4. ninjakkn says:

    I read the long transcript of the producers and writer’s testimony and they admitted to changing the storyline to make the lakorn more fun after the death of the PM. But they still don’t know the reason for the ban. Lol

    As for the ending, the evil guy, Winyoo got all the magic balls he needed to enhance his evil power. He acquired the last one by killing his own son because somehow the 4th magic ball resided in his son’s throat. But it turned out the magic balls when combined give off good power not evil so Winyoo killed himself because he felt like a complete failure. The End.

    I don’t even watch the lakorn, the story is so odd it’s laughable. It doesn’t sound that political beside killing off the PM part which is likely the reason for the ban. Lol

  5. Shampoo says:

    If Ch3 is adamant and is even willing to go to court, then they think their reason is good enough. They don’t want to risk their channel losing license. I think they might have got a call from somewhere, you might say the government or anyone and that must have brought ch3’s attention.

    They’re adamant about it not putting it back on air or through any outlet..

  6. Mai says:

    Everything is so confusing about this whole situation

    Thanks for the article shamp

  7. veebabie says:

    just read an article that nok is going to make nuer mek 3 as a movie using the same cast in nuer mek 2,he said they are changing the script

  8. lazydramafan says:

    Please Khun Pravit any other word but not censor. Ch. 3 may lose some money over NM2 ban in court anyway. Good luck to Ch.3 and their lawyers too. It is good that they may get to keep their license. Last news I read Ch. 3 have not yet presented their reasons of NBTC though.

    Thanks, ninjakkn for the ending insight, so PM did die and Sangkla (Mark) too. I can’t believe p’ek dies in the end. Winyoo did not had to turned evil to reach the highest power, so everything he did was for nothing. NM2 plot has more magical issues then political, but that should reasonable since PM is a side character and p’ek is a magical descendent as also the main rai character too, his father. I still don’t know if Namsai (Eye) was Winyoo daughter too.

    I read the article too veebabie, finger cross for the movie with NM2 cast members in it. Hope they can make NM3 the movie happen.

    • Shampoo says:

      I think they would rather lose money than their license to make lakorn.

      • lazydramafan says:

        I also think Ch. 3 would rather lose money than their license to make lakorns. Ch. 3 may lose more money than necessary though, because of all this anyway. NBTC already fined the channel for self censor, so that’s why I said please to Khun Pravit any other word: cancel, take out of air, stop broadcasting, anything, but not censor. Also Ch. 3 said that they would present their reasons to NBTC. They could have chosen to go to court, instead of saying that, and ask for justice secrecy for any lakorn content examination as they think it is a national security matter.

        I was not being ironic, sorry if I wrote in a way that it seemed ironic in english. Sincerly do think that Ch. 3 lawyers need good luck to try not to lose too much money. If Ch. 3 does not have the legal competence to censor itself (which Khun Pravit seems to believe it was given to them to do so), they could risk their license for behaving as an legal authority. It is good that nobody seems to be after Ch.3 license to make lakorns, because the channel itself did open some doors to that.The channel decision can be easily seen as caution or careful, but their method to deal with the situation was not good to try to make people understand them, viewers and general public.

        It was a little better when Ch. 3 was not denying in public their explanations, but acting as if they had given one. Now they are saying that their reasons can not be said in public or for the general public and viewers.

        As I do wish for Ch. 3 to keep their license to make lakorns, so the least they can make others to be annoyed with them the better. As the channel is taking full responsability, saying things like we will get sue when they are already being sue anyway, it does not look good for the channel. I understand it is a criminal sue that Khun Pravit is reffering himself to, but he is not saying that. As viewers are not happy and some people are irritated with the channel, these details seem to matter. Details can make an important difference to help the discussions to not seem as confusing even if they continue to sound confusing to the general public and viewers.

        Ch. 3 license can still be a sue a possible topic over NM2 ban, but I think that as long as the channel may be careful about its statements some doors may be kept closed about that. At least that is one of the things that I hope so.

        Thank you for your translation Shampoo.

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