Boy is not serious being second choice to Nadech

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  1. Lovely girl says:

    Nadech is a good actor, it sure that boy fit to be the second choice.

  2. cil says:

    Boy really know Nadech is talented. That what he said in 4+1 superstar concert. This two have good relationship too. Reporters,they dont have any good news to talk about??

  3. See says:

    As much as im not a fan of Boy, I actually like how he indirectly admits that he knows his place in the industry.It doesnt matter if you’re the first choice or whatever but what matters most is who is hired and whether that person did their best of work. There’s a reason why there’s plenty of other actors out there aside from Nadech. Boy here sees himself as a worker and so called “second choice” whereas Nadech sees himself as the pusher for everyone he works with including Yaya LOL

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