Boy-Margie apologize… admits think a lot before posting crazy pics on IG

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  1. See says:

    Its about time someone called them out on their crazy acts. Lots of celebs are attention w****s but Boy and Margie go way off limits to garner publicity which is a turn off.

  2. I says:

    @See: wow, are you serious?!

  3. See says:

    Uhh this is a couple where the girl already has a boyfriend but yet to satisfy her fans, she poses with Boy by putting her legs around his neck and even posts pictures of Boy buying her nightware. That IMO is kinda much considering she’s a taken girl. They have posted a lottt of things on IG but as far as I’m concerned, this is the very first time that they’ve been critisized and had to do an interview. Thats why I say, its about time

  4. Lalita says:

    I think Margie and Boy have very loud personalities, put them together, and they get even louder. While a lot of them do play up their status as koo-kwans together, they are much more subtle in comparison to what both Margie and Boy do when they get together. Yes Yarry is almost basically attached at the hip for events and lakorns. but when they give out interviews or posting pictures etc, they certainly don’t play up their relationship as Boy and Margie does.

    • tatafunny says:

      What are they doing in the mall @ 1am in the morning? Shouldn’t they’re be @ theirs home sleeping? Not everything is funny and cute. SERIOUSLY!!!!

  5. Mai says:

    Such attention w****s, the both of them

  6. Lovely girl says:

    Has….. This pic look funny.

  7. Mike says:

    just some people trying to have fun. normal people do that all the time. Just because you’re a celebrity it doesn’t mean you have to act in a certain way…as long as you’re not out killing people and driving drunk hitting things i think it is fine. People just judge to much on anything.

    • missie says:

      amen..I agree with you..& when people refer to “BEST FRIEND” it means they’re comfortable around one another so when they say, she put her legs around his neck, it should be fine, just because she’s taken doesn’t mean she have to stop her inner wild child with her friends are there to be wild with & act crazy 🙂

      • ash30 says:

        Even if you are bff there are certain line that you do not cross. Wow…to say that it’s ok to put her legs around a guy’s neck is….ikd what to say. She should think of her boyfriend’s feeling. She can’t just use that he is her bff to do whatever she wants. It gets to a point where it no longer is cute. And what about her straddling Aum in one of the pic? She just need to calm down a bit.

  8. Lalita says:

    I agree Ash, Lol “BFF” can do stuff together, can be comfortable with one another, but there is a line where it makes is inappropriate. Like seriously posing a picture that Boy buys her night wear? Don’t tell me if you had a boyfriend you would like if a girl behaves the way Margie does? Being best friends with the opposite sex can only last so long, before feelings get involved. Whe your young its possible to have a platonic relationship but as you age, there is no such thing. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have a boyfriend, but I wouldn’t wrap my legs around a guy’s neck or straddle them even if I was good friends with them.

  9. Shampoo says:

    She should respect her bf. Margie has like no ounce of respect for her bf by posting Boy buying her nightwear, wrapping her legs around guys neck or waist. You can be free and wild but there is boundary.

  10. pink_juliet says:

    haha honestly I enjoy these 2’s craziness. If her boyfriend isn’t coming out to say anything or protesting, just chill. Saying she doesn’t have an ounce of respect for her boyfriend hahaha *shake-heads*

  11. Shampoo says:

    So, you’re saying she can do ANYTHING with Boy since her bf doesn’t come out to say anything? OMG lol wow what could her bf said since he wasn’t being interview or is not an actor. Boy and Margie has no respect for Tong. Or whatever he bf’s name.

    She posted pictures of Boy buying her flowers, buying her pajama, and putting her legs on Boy. Did she break up with Tong?

    • ash30 says:

      I also think she has no respect for her bf as well. All the girls that say they don’t see a problem is because they are not in Margie’s bf shoes. If they are dating a guy and he has a bff as a girl. Go on trips just the two of them…he buys her pajamas…flowers and wrapping her legs on him I can bet anything they won’t brush it off. They will be pissed and said that he doesn’t respect her doing all those things with his bff. And eventually will make him choose between her and his bff. Because she will feel like the third wheel. And don’t tell me a girl will not be bother when their boyfriend is buying something as intimaate as Boy buys for Margie….please. It is out of line. And their excuse as bff will only go so far.

  12. missie says:

    in that case then I’m sorry to tell y’all that you guys just don’t have that strong enough trust between one another..I’m sure they know what line not to cross..all I’m saying is trust is key and apparently Margie & her bf have a stronger trust than all of y’all

    • Mey says:

      Sorry! But my bf & I have enough trust & we still don’t see how that’s appropriate to be doing ALL that! Legs around HIS neck?? That’s like her coochy all up in his face! lol “Supposedly” Boys’s homie too?? Umm, that’s a little too much & a total disrespect toward the bf. When you’re in her bf’s shoes, then you can come back & tell us how it is AND puH-lease don’t even say you won’t trip about it bkos GiRL we no you lying!!!

      • Mey says:

        The fact that he’s a male & she’s taken. If you had any common sense, that is just something you don’t do.

      • missie says:

        well I’ve never seen those pics before so I’m not sure how they’re position…and yes girl, I’m totally cool with my bf having a gal bestfriend & buying her all those stuff and if it happens to be intimate stuff then be it cuz I know no matter what they buy/do together, at the end of the day he’s all mine…to sum it up, I’m not the jealous type to be all up in his business with what he can/can’t do…

        • Mey says:

          Hahaha.. If that’s the case, you minus well have an open relationship or do friends with benefits. LOLZ

  13. Shampoo says:

    It’s not about trust. It’s about respect. ROFL I guess some girls really have no feelings when their bf buys his BFF’s intimate things and give flowers to her on V-day.

    • Mey says:

      Right Shamp? I am just assuming these are Boy & Margie’s fans. That’s why they think it’s okay & getting all butt hurt that we think otherwise. Ahaha

      • pink_juliet says:

        Boy & Margie fan? nope. never watched a single lakorn of theirs. If the boyfriend has a issue with their “friendship”, im sure we would have heard about it by now. If her BF aint worry, i aint worry and im just going to keep enjoying their crazy pictures!

  14. Princess says:

    Why is everybody so up set? Lol

    • Shampoo says:

      I don’t think we’re upset rofl

      • ash30 says:

        True, I am not upset nor will I be when it comes to celebrities. We were debating and point out to some of those fans that can never see anything wrong when it comes to the celebrities they love.

        • missie says:

          oh trust me, I’m by far not one of their fans…never liked them from the start…KIMBARRY all the way 😀 lol no ones upset, just debating & having our own opinions that’s all

  15. waheaven says:

    if really Boy & Margie’s fans, you should know the picture she put her legs around his neck is just a magazine cover picture & the nightwear is just a souvenir from Japan (Minnie cute pajama). They just cute best friend =)

    • missie says:

      I’m not a fan that’s why I’m not sure how the picture look like that everyone keep fussing about..but yes I agree with you, they are a good pair of best buds..

  16. yaya says:

    Cute Pic. I don’t see the reason why they are apologizing. Gosh, fans are too serious and judgmental these days. just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they ain’t human no more. they still human! the two were just having a little fun, chill people. And who cares if she has a boyfriend and does other things w/other guys. if her boyfriend doesn’t care. why do you? It’s her life.

  17. Opinion says:

    I get the apology saying it could be dangerous with the escalator…but I don’t think they should be made to feel so guilty like what they did was so wrecklace and the worst thing in the world…any idiot would know that it’s off…I don’t see any one making hate comments in people skydiving and bungee jumping. I also don’t see anything wrong with her taking pictures with one of her best friend on his shoulder for WORK. You know other stars pose like that too and it’s not even with their friends. What’s also annoying is that actors can hug, carry, and kiss (or sniff in some cases), not to mention RAPE in lakorns and that’s acceptable but once they get caught kissing their boyfriend or girlfriend in public…watch out here comes the ‘bad person’ comments and they have to apologize for the ‘bad behavior’…so hypocritical. All I see are 2 people that is comfortable with each other having fun…I don’t see how it’s disrespectful to her boyfriend when many of the pictures taken, her boyfriend is usually there or he’s the one taking the picture. This is just my opinion so please don’t wish me 101 ways to die miserably.

  18. len091669 says:

    They apologized b/coz its not a good model for the kids to see,and that’s accepted for me….what i cant accept is how they critizied them doing such a thing or likes to play crazy…sorry,people but this is only my opinion..its not bcoz they were a celebrity,they cant do anything to make them happy for themselves,likes playing some crazy pranks..every person has its own naughtiness….as long as you didn’t do above the line..i think there’s nothing wrong about it..also,,how can u critizised Margie about her pose W/ Boy..that matter was done only for works..they were just doing their jobs…its not a shameful thing ,the fact that her BF was related in film industry if im not mistaken..He knows the kind & nature of an actress/actor works…this is just my opinion ,,sorry! i just cant sit & do nothing for them (boy/margie),,,VIVA! Boy & Margie! for being apologetic in public…it proves that,you’re both awesome!

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