Boy-Margie denies Lom Gang don’t want to work together

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  1. px says:

    They should consider Aum as part of the group to you know

  2. aikoden says:

    Hehehe, they’re contacted as a pair but not as a group 😛 This sure makes me happy as a Bargie fan since I know they’ll have future stored work for us to see.

    Anyways, the Lom Gang.. I think it’s still going to take a bit longer for things to return the same… because it still won’t be the exact same environment like it was originally. We’ve seen some of their true colors already. We can only hope for the best?

  3. emmaqiyue says:

    Just hoping that Kim will realize that friendship is the most important thing in life…

  4. kimloveeiz says:

    Kimberly need to grow up and get over it.. just because Mark and Mint had a problem..doesn’t mean she should be mad at Mint too.. Kimberly grow up..

  5. angielee says:

    about this topic i have soooooo……. many things to say but rather not because the words come out of my mouth is not nice. rather zip it……. who ever do bad things to other, one day someone will do the same to you. stealing some body love, is a big karma……
    p.s…. nong yaya, watch out who you being friend with, good luck to you and P’nadech…….. plus good luck to mint. hope you make the best choice in life.

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