Boy Pakorn bawling his eyes out as he admits to sex scandal in Korea

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  1. ash30 says:

    Such great actor Boy is. The feet…now I can’t eat dim sum chicken feet without thinking about the feet.

    • Shampoo says:

      Now, why would you put that in our head? Lol

      • ash30 says:

        Hahahah….I love chicken feet one of my fav when I eat Dim Sum. And the great toe just looks like of those chicken feet. Actually, the toes look all twisted.

        • Shampoo says:

          Noooo it doesn’t look like chicken feet. Hhahnow you out it in my head. I used to have a dislike for them but I taste them and it’s sooo good. So now, I do eat chicken feet but now I kdnt think I will ever have the same thought.

  2. LadyChedd says:

    i think thailand takes this stuff to seriously. I don’t really know the culture there but just because you have one night stand doesn’t make you a bad person. Some of the things that actors and actresses get interview on is ridiculous in my opinion.

    • ash30 says:

      I think majority of people is very supportive of his behavior. So, the backlash was almost non existance. But Boy himself is making a mountain of nothing. He is the phone holding the press conference and crying….because to simply put it he got caught.

  3. Sunflower says:

    Susu Boy. Like I’ve said before, we are only human. Mistakes will be made. Learn from them and move forward.

  4. Shampoo says:

    I don’t think it was necessary of him to even come out with a press conference because he didn’t received any backlash for this leaked. Even the fans and public was seeing supportive and understanding. But Boy just need to have a press conference to get more public sympathy. He knew there wasn’t any backlash but he has to come out to confirmed that was him in the picture because how could he deny anything from that picture? He denied but maybe there might be some clip and afraid it will come out. Ahahah

    The crying is really unnecessary too. Personally, it was just a pic of him in the bedroom. It wasn’t of him naked in bed with whoever it was with him. He was crying like he lost his virginity or he got raped. All the celebrities supporting him like his dog past away or he lost his genital part during that time. Or giving him support like he got her pregnant or got HIV from it.

    • He was crying because when he saw the pictures he couldn’t believe he had slept with someone so dog ugly – clearly the most embarrassing part is that he slept with someone whose feet were dirty and HUGE and ugly! When you consider that BOY has really beautiful feet he must have wanted to chop off his you know what! And then, to think the woman was so cheap to promote her own sex life…I would cry too…

  5. Mai says:

    lol @ the losing genital parts

    Even as not being a fan of his I saw no reason for him to apologize. Like myself, the people in thailand think that he’s a man, and he has needs and his age isnt young so it’s his right.

    chicken feet are healthy for you. I’m not a fan of them but I give them to my dogs cus it has stuff in them that’s healthy for bones and joints. I was told since my dog was a puppy her bred tends to have joint problems later on as they age. So I did research and found that chicken feet and neck were good supplements. Now years later I see they’re starting to sell dried ones at the pet store too

  6. Kizukami says:

    the whole ordeal wasn’t big, it wasn’t big until Boy made it big, press conference? oh pleaseeeee, he only did the press conference becuz he got caught lying and the pic was him obviously? And WTF is shielding tears? For losing your virginity? For lying? If he was sincerely apologizing for lying, knee down and apologize
    He put quite a show, with acting like he’s all innocent and was a virgin. Oh please such BS, and what? I say no poor him, he freaking knew what he was doing, he was in heaven for 4 times at a pub and still did it at a messy room. he’s freaking 30 years old, dont tell me he did for the first time *rolls eyes*
    I dont believe any man who has sex and then later cries for making that mistake.
    I dont hate him for having sex premarital or whatsoever, but I am disgusted by his acts, but his fake crying, for dragging his mom in. You, freaking grown up adult, be responsible for what you have done, dont get your mom involved in

    such a sissy!

  7. anonymous says:

    I personally think it was a good thing that Boy came out about this. From my perspective while reading this, he probably felt guilty not because of the act that he actually did with the girl, but for LYING to the public and his fans about it. I think he just wanted to confess to the public and especially his followers about his dishonesty to them. He wants them to know the truth, and not believe in the lie he told. If someone’s done something wrong and hasn’t told anyone or even lied about it, it’s understandable that they’d feel guilty about it afterwards.
    On another note…how I wished Peung Kanya from Exact had moved to Ch. 3 during the time of her news in 2008!! If she’d been a part of Ch. 3 at the time the pictures leaked out of her kissing her boyfriend on the cheek, Ch. 3 probably wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it as Exact did, if even at all! And who knows where’d she be in the entertainment industry right now!! She would’ve gotten the chance to improve her acting, pair up with numerous great actors, and gain more fans! Exact is so stupid, and although I like a few of their recent works, I will never get over the fact that they let go of someone so talented, and with so much potential as an actress and star.

  8. yajnaree says:

    So this is the news I went to sleep wondering what it was about. I just hope he is ok and learn from this. What is done is done. Can’t change it so live with it.

  9. xiaos says:

    To err is human to forgive is divine …well human makes mistakes and learn from it and move on . And we shouldn’t criticize him too much like you never make mistakes 🙂

    • Mai says:

      What mistake did he make? It’s wrong for a grown man almost 30 like Boy to fulfill his sexual needs? No one is discriminating him for that. He’s the only one who feels he needs to apologize for having sex when it’s known he’s not a virgin lol

  10. val says:

    What time are we in now? Never thought that kissing in public is a sin till i read this anyway Thailand have got to be kidding me. There are so many prosistution around the Asian Country, y make a big deal out of a kiss? BTW don’t ever liked Boy not a fan of him but to act like he did was like watching him on a lakron. Most man do this kind of things when ever the can and when they think they won’t get caught, so what’s the big deal. He wasn’t man enough to admit it the first time the pic went out so y do it now it just makes him look worst to me. If it was me the girl should be the one crying cause she sleep with him, what was she thinking he’s not even hot

  11. Lalaland says:

    Lmao. Making love casually and then getting caught is not as humiliating as crying in front of the press begging for forgiveness. The way he handled the leakage is a bit over-dramatic, don’t you think?

  12. msttgc says:

    It’s not really that big of a deal. I feel bad for Boy for having to deal with this scandal during his prime time. But i think his fans are still strongly supporting him so he’ll be fine as time passes. Susu! 🙂

  13. Angie says:

    @ash30- You are hilarious. LOL. I hope Boy read your comment so that would lighten his day…

  14. Angskeet says:

    He probably brought some bed bugs home.

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