Boy Pakorn close with Margie Rasri; Believes that Tong isn’t suspicious

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  1. Mya says:

    What about the “I gave you my heart” or whatever that other message said?? I hate to pick on Kim but I’m nosy

  2. cil says:

    I believe these two more than Mark n Kim. I never heard Margie nok jai Tong,they are dating for many years now. And clearly I can see Margie n Boy just good freind, I dont think they will fall in love with each other, haha. Margie has a good relationship with all of her co-star,but never have any issues about them like Mario n Mike. While Mario has scandal with Mai,even he did one movie with her. Koo kwan is just a trend,thats why lot people cheering for them too. I wish Margie n Tong stay longer

  3. Amphai Tapfer says:

    Love to see both are an items xxxxoo much love lakorn Roy marn , I had a hard day at work , and refresh myself at the end of the day with both of you , can’t wait to see lakorn nai suan khan xxxxoo

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