Boy Pakorn ends relationship with Kaiwan, no third hand

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  1. Danyestelle says:

    he’s contradicting himself: first it’s “let’s not use the word breakup because we didn’t date” then it’s “Of Course when you date there is bound to be sadness” oh Boy….

  2. tina says:

    What’s a halfie….sorry…I’m.kind of new to this term…

  3. Unnichan says:

    Terms seem contradictory but their meanings and usage are not. The word “date” can be a noun or a verb. And a verb in two different ways, which is how it’s used/translated here. Therefore, I understood that they weren’t in a serious “dating” relationship, though they went out on several “dates.”

  4. Yui says:

    i used to like him a lot but saw his instagram pics made me feel ‘oh My, this Boy is a Boy’.. no offense.. and all his rumors lately.. he’s definitely not my fave anymore.. 😀

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