Boy Pakorn’s message to Barry Nadech – What exactly is he implying?

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  1. melenda says:

    We may never know…. Lol

  2. Kizukami says:

    when Yaya and Boy were on the stage, Yaya said Boy looked na ruk and Boy said “not as much as like Nadech”
    and u know what when Mark and Yaya had the honda event thinggy, when yaya said mark looked handsome, Mark also said “Not as much as someone”
    I feel like these boys probably said that cuz they want to get asked about Yarry lol more than shipping themselves

  3. aikoden says:

    hoo hoo hoo 😛
    what to say, what to say 😛

  4. Mai says:

    obviously Boy wants to make news lol, using Yarry to make headlines

  5. Dal says:

    Boy is an open Nadech & Yaya shipper. One of my favorite is when Boy put on Nadech’s wig from the “Indian” theme Sudsapda shoot last year hugging Nadech & pretending he was Saichon’s Nangfah. Funny guy. Boy is a big time teaser. Thank you, Lalita.

  6. thailakorn123 says:

    I think Boy is just messing around and trying to make news like Mai said.

  7. nancy93 says:

    well it’s just obvious LOL HI I AM KIZUKAMI LMAAAAAAAO

  8. nancy93 says:

    @Mai, I’ve had this account already LOL that’s why

  9. Mai says:

    ok, but I’m still confused lol

  10. nok says:

    I think he was just fooling around. but the tease is cute.

  11. aleli says:

    how i wish there’s really something between yaya and nadech, but if there’s no involvement its ok, i still love them both its just their chemistry on screen is great i want them to end up together 🙂

  12. aicy says:

    i concur with you,aleli.i had watched all lakorns where they casted together.hope to watch them again in their upcoming lakorn

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