Buzzing rumors! Politician force CH3 to terminate NM2

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  1. Nana says:

    It would be really sad if it’s true and the lakorn is cut short I really like this lakon:(

  2. Dal says:

    Thank you, Shamps na. Thanks for researching out this buzz. It is wise for the people involved (writer, producer, ect,…) to say “no comment” regarding this. We will have to wait and see. As fans enjoying the lakorn, I’m at the channel’s mercy. If it ends it ends. I just don’t want to be hanging at the end of it all.

  3. Shampoo says:

    I don’t think this lakorn is cut because of political issue. It has to do with more political issue within Ch3. Ch3 probably just do the editing and cutting themselves, but misunderstanding erupts.

    Plus, this lakorn isn’t ending on Friday. Raeng Prathana is set to air next week Friday.

    So, I stand by my assumption. Nok Chatchai and Mint Chalida is just trying to promote this lakorn. HAHAHA

  4. Lalita says:

    So do we know when this lakorn is officially ending lol

  5. Mai says:

    The new teasers say RP is airing the 11th

  6. shotgun says:

    LASTEST NEWS!!! just read @komchadluek that this is true. NM2 will end on sun the 6th. My loose translations:

    As rumored online of ch3 lakorn Nuer Mek 2 being cut short to end sooner due to it’s politicians parallelisms. The entertainment confirms that it’s true. It’s official that it will end on Jan 6.

    Netizens are voicing that they pity the cast and crew AND DEMAND SWEET SCENES BETWEEN M&M!!! I’m not watching NM2, but i sure got an opinion. when a lakorn of all things is cut off cause of politics, you know that the nation is not moving forward. i got my respect for thailand and i know of the fragile political turmoil of current, but really a lakorn???

    • shotgun says:

      SCRATCH THE PREVIOUS POST!!! that was something 16 hours ago. right below, there’s an update 1 hour ago. *really? hits my head*

      —>>>THE NEWS IS: Nuer Nek ends on the 4<<<—

      Well…I don't know what to say…going to go read what other people think before i get worked up over this…

      • Shampoo says:

        NM2 is originally supposed to end on the 6th. It’s normal for Ch3 lakorn to end at 12 episode. Raak Boon was only 11 episode.

        As previously set, Raeng Prathana was set to air next week long ago. When you do the math it’s easy. I think if they’re cutting and editting NM2, it’s all up to Ch3 and nothing with political.

        The lakorn is not famous enough to garner attention from politician. They’re too busy to even set an eye on this lakorn. Unless, it’s making rating like Raeng Ngao… but let’s not put so much of an importance to this lakorn. lol

      • shotgun says:

        ok ok ok, i’m so worked up about this.

        Noksinjai (for those who don’t know: the director Nok Chatchai’s wife who also plays Prime Minister’s wife Napa) posted on instagram (or something, i forgot?) a message thanking the fans for their support. and also mentions that it doesn’t matter what happens, it’s matter what you think of what has happened.

        so then, Warathep Rattanakorn of the Office of the Prime Minister (sorry that the official name, aka Minister Yingluck’s cabinet) stated that they got nothing to do with the slashing of NM2 and are trying to contact the elders of ch 3 to talk about it

        my thoughts: wtf? i’m definitely gonna wake up early and watch the finale and see how they pull this off? then, i’ll call my mom and ask what was so controversial about NM2.

        • Shampoo says:

          Before, they don’t get in trouble but now they are getting in trouble. AHHAHA Cuz they’re the one who pull the politician into their game.

          Yay for Nok Chatchai and his wife and their team!!!

          Seems, like everyone is following this news to see if it really end.

          Let’s see if the rating is going through the roof. ROFL

          Before, politician probably don’t even know this lakorn exist but they know now. Now, they’ve garner the politician’s attention. HAHHA

  7. veebabie says:

    it was confirmed way back that the larkon had 12 eps but from fans they are saying its ending today which really confuse me.We will get the answer today

    • Shampoo says:

      Then what are they airing on Saturday and Sunday?!

      I would be happy to watch Nadech on Saturday and Sunday this week… but I wouldn’t piss off Nadech’s fans by saying it airs on the 11th but yet, air this weekend and not tell us. LOL HAHAH

  8. Shampoo says:

    Anyway, now they have Nadech’s fans confused and waiting to watch this weekend. AHHA Just in case they might miss first episode for real. I am rolling.

    Seriously? SIGH. People believe this stunt.

    • shotgun says:

      call it a stunt or whatever, i’m among those who took interest and will now watch. it’s me to poke around for juice. once a reporter, always a reporter. but it’s not gonna change my opinion that NM2 ain’t my cup of tea regardless of my mark bias. as least now, i’ll be entertained for an hour.

      and do note. set aside your displeasure of these two or the displeasure that others force on you of these two doubled onto your bland taste of them. the way i read your comments, you’re sassy about it. ban them, but still translated articles about them individually, but i see them back, or whatever ya got figure out here. appreciate it. well done on article, but on comments, we (at least I) can do without the…right, this is going south. definitely gonna to regret pressing post comment.

    • puca says:

      Honestly i wished the bull you kept spreading was true, at least that way we could have had an ending…
      now it’s a lakorn without even an ending!!!!!!!
      I feel bad for the people involved in producing this lakorn. Their work destroyed because of some overly sensitive politicians. Unbelievable!!!!!

  9. mowno says:

    Is this a new way to make a mediocre getting noticed??Lmao

  10. veebabie says:

    regarding to this article,its true the politics is involved with nuer mek 2 ending quickly

  11. amy says:

    that girl on the right in the picture —- her face looks weird

  12. Lalita says:

    I dont think they are doing this based on the ratings as one or two episode won’t affect their bottom line. It probably has to do with the politics of the lakorn. The saying is “where there smoke there is fire” Thailand and politics is no joke just like Sunny has stated, perhaps it wasnt the best of time for the lakorn to bring politics up. But lets just wait it out and not get all worked up about it. I guess we will find out sooner rather than later. Mark and Mint fans can rejoice as they have another lakorn on the works

  13. Lalita says:

    Ok, so it ended. Its too bad for the M&M fans or just the lakorn fan in general

  14. Mai says:

    This is kinda sad for the people watching the lakorn.. So I guess it had nothing to do with them wanting to hype the ratings, like shamp had stated lol

  15. Suk says:

    Feel really bad for this lakorn, to the producer, the staff, all the cast & the fans..
    the lakorn will not ending tonight but no ending at all..Nadech & Kim lakorn airing right now.

  16. Sunny says:

    Makes me wonder what part is affecting politics or government that haven’t been done before in the past? lol. But on a serious note, I think its more like the politics and government (IF its really them wanting to censored things from this lakorn) than I think they are doing it for themselves and the safety of Thais. Think about it, if this lakorn do show things that will trigger protests in government corruption or makes people realized things about the government, (not like its not already corrupted to be cutting this short lol) be mindful the protests is serious, no joke, people die, bloodshed and lives are affected, forever damaged in history and it will no longer be about lakorns.

    But I’m so sure that even if this lakorn was to continue on as normal, no protest or anything would happen anyways. Who started this to begin with? Because I think it probably got the cut because the rumors or news went out of hand, Thais starts to dig and think too much lol.

  17. Shampoo says:


    They might air the lakorn on weekdays slot. Kekkeke

    But wow do feel bad for NM2 fans. It really happen and not a stunt. Feel dazed. Ahhah

    • shotgun says:

      i woke up late, saw that Raeng Pratana premiered, and raced here. after reading all of the above posts, in general, NM2 ain’t gold or even close to what i call good but i’ve witness the pure gold Yadech spun out of TNNKK and that is just beyond my grasp. so yes, NM2 rating suits it just fine. but it is still horrible that it ended all like this. poor poor cast and crew. wonder how early of notice did they have.

      as for confirmed reason why they cutted NM2, i’ve got to go read some news after this. if it is because of political reasons, as Sunny said, i can’t possibly see NM2 doing something that haven’t been done before. feels to me like it just particularly struck a nerve with a powerful individual. i don’t really care cause i’m not thai and i don’t get their politics, honesty any politics. i’m just too free.

      and to shampoo, your muse may not be my muse today, but surely on other days, my muse won’t be your muse too. and already waiting for the day, we can both laugh at the same joke. but that definitely doesn’t keep me from coming here or Spicy (which i’m waiting to sign up for). glad to have had a row with you. don’t let free loading commentors like me make you feel even a little angry. to work to have written coherent and sensational translate news and have someone nitpick at you is tiring. looking forward to have more exchanges with you and the Spicy team. off to experiment with RP.

      • Shampoo says:

        huh? lol

        Well, welcome. I guess?

        • shotgun says:

          oh ho, leh tua sak luer kuer! to the tone of you, i ain’t so welcomed. i’ll unwelcome myself rite now and take my not needed contribution.with me. going and gone forever. what? well, bye. I guess? lol. right back at ya!

          • Mai says:

            I think she meant “you’re welcome” lol

          • Shampoo says:

            I enjoy my exchange with you. You shouldn’t feel the need to feel unwelcome.

            Whatever it was, it was a genuine one.

          • Lalita says:

            shotgun, don’t feel unwelcomed, I will welcome you. Welcome to SugarDaily, hope to see your comments around more often. Not everyone has to agree with one another, us admins dont even agree with each other

  18. shotgun says:

    ch3’s facebook apologized to viewers and cited inapropraite content as the reason of the abrupt removal and ended with say RP will start airing. i’m over this. suppose viewers will have to wait for DVDs.

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