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Your very own Mark Prakhanong 1

Your very own Mark Prakhanong

This is a legend love story between Mak and Nak in Prakhanong that takes place during the reign of King Mongkut starring Mario Maurer and Mai Davika. It’s about the...

Happy Valentine’s  Day!! 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine ‘s Day!! Hope everyone has a sweet day, filled with love, chocolates, hug and kisses.  Here are some stars celebrating Valentine Day.

Top Award  2012 Winners 13

Top Award 2012 Winners

Tv Pool’s Top Award  has taken place and winner list is below. Top Award is based on votes, sent in by fans, its like People’s Choice Award, here in the...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 15 Final Episode 2

Raeng Prathana: Episode 15 Final Episode

Puwadon took Ravee back home and her parents blamed Pit. Ravee says not to bash Pit, it was her that told Pit to help her run away. Her parents say,...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 14 0

Raeng Prathana: Episode 14

Pit comes back home thinking back to when Tae asked for his trust and how he never think she changed. And the scene she asked for freedom. In the morning...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 13 0

Raeng Prathana: Episode 13

At the family BBQ gathering when Nop is trying to inquire about the charity show everyone is trying to avoid him because no one wants to tell him about the...

Official Cast of  “Sai See Plerng” Remake 13

Official Cast of “Sai See Plerng” Remake

“Sai See Plerng” remake is now official,  this lakorn has been rumor for many many years now has finally materialize and official cast is  “Chompoo Araya” as “Sai” ,  “Por Nattawut” as...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 12 0

Raeng Prathana: Episode 12

Tae walks off on Pit after his insults. He asks where is she going. Has she not get enough from last night? She retorts that she didn’t know she is...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 11 1

Raeng Prathana: Episode 11

Puwadon comes to visit Ravee to thank her for making him a share of a 100 million dollar business. Because she wants to destroy him so much it makes him...

Raeng Prathana: Episode 10 4

Raeng Prathana: Episode 10

Raveepan sends the photos she took of Puwadon with other girls and threaten him if he doesn’t stop bothering Pit she will send those photos to his grandmother. It might...