CH 3 releases Official Statement on “Neua Mek 2” termination

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  1. Kizukami says:

    Mai, Raeng Ngao? It’s Raeng Prathana

    • Mai says:

      this is what happens when you dont edit ur work lol. So funny I’m laughing over the typo too 5555555.

      I think they could have resolved this in a more neutral manner, cause them cutting it without a conclusion is unfair to the fans.

  2. Waverly says:


  3. thailakorn123 says:

    It’s pretty sad that NM didn’t even get an ending, but im glad I didn’t watch it because I would’ve been more disappointed. However, they have a new lakorn to look forward too and I’m glad RP is on air.

    Thanks Mai.

  4. nok says:

    I guess im sad, since I just started watching it last week, knowing that it was suppose to end this week. I think that whole thing just sucks. I just dont see what is the big deal, hopefully the dvd version as a ending.

  5. Shampoo says:

    That’s very shady shady of Ch3. lol

    Poor Mint and Mark… Poor the production team!

    I don’t know why they do this. They have no damage control.

    It’s a very poor excuse too. This lakorn must be that good to catch politician’s eyes. lol

  6. newtolakorns says:

    Hope to see more concrete detail when thing cools down. I feel very bad for the cast and crew and especially for Mteam fans. I hope Mark and Mint will have another lakorn together that will not deal with politic.

  7. Pweei says:

    I think the way they act just make people more suspicious anyway I’ve read on facebook that NM2 was cut off especially because of this part :

  8. Mai says:

    Any questions concerning NM2 ban, refer your questions to Shamp lol. She’s the legit expert lol…kidding kidding. Honestly Shamp has her opinion, and it’s not always a right one. Like her saying NM2 didnt end cuase of political reasons, that was totally false lol

  9. Pweei says:

    I don’t know excatly what’s wrong, they didn’t explain >.<

  10. Candyy says:


  11. Leila says:

    How’s the lakorn inappropriate? I haven’t watched but this makes me curious…

  12. :) says:

    I’m very sad that this lakorn have to end like this. Viewers won;t even be able to know the ending and see the others scenes.

  13. Tipstar says:

    I’m highly disappointed with their reason for terminating the lakorn. If the story line is not appropriate, they should have not aired the lakorn from the start. This is just a pathetic excuse by the channel.

  14. Julie says:

    This soo pathetic,the cast spend almost a year filming for this and they cancelled it

    Really feel sorry for the cast and fans

    Hope to see mteam,eye and top in the future

  15. aqil3s says:

    haha , 1st time in my whole life.. i watch most korean, taiwan, japan drama , n starting last 2 years, i start to watched lakorn , but this is first time i heard a drama that got no ending,..hahahah they should end this lakorn in better way , that will show how profesional this channel 3 is…

  16. Sunny says:

    This is actually not the first Thai lakorn to have no ending, I remember talking to p’Noiki once many years ago, one lakorn on Ch7 was cut short due to it being so bad (in terms of ratings and storyline) that they just didn’t air the rest. Don’t remember what lakorn it was though.

  17. PB says:

    Just disappointed! I love this lakorn especially MTeam and too am really heart broken due to the news and really wish I can do something but imagine how Mint C & Mark and the whole team of Neur Mek 2 might feel =( So sad!! but at least they cancelled the lakorn after giving the audience a beautiful scenes =) Oh well, I really hope this doesn’t affect the viewer view toward Mark & Mint C… since their 1st lakorn together was too short and their 2nd one got cancelled!! Hopefully they dont put this to heart =( Oh well, hope to see both of them together again in the future who know it might be another year or so!! Maybe 3rd time is the charm =)

  18. salalao says:

    I thought Thailand is democracy I guess not since they can’t handle make up believe ask “lakorn” shame on channel 3.

    Channel 3 the puppet for the government that is just terrible.

  19. lazydramafan says:

    Ch. 3 should have been a little more careful with the words on their official statement. Some words in and others out would make things sound a little more understandable. I agree with Pweei on this, they didn’t explain why, but they gave a motive instead: the plot is unsuitable and inappropriate for broadcasting. I was actually watching NM2 and really enjoying the plot as well, so just took my time to try to understand what was going on before commenting about it. If the official statement said that they had found something unsuitable and inappropriate on the last episodes of the lakorn would have made more sense as it seems they did afterwards. If the plot is unsuitable and inappropriate to the point of cancellation, it is not a good thing to keep the lakorn broadcasted episodes on the YT channel of Ch. 3. It doesn’t seem like a plan decision, but they did said after careful consideration. When writing a controversial official statement every word matters and the fact that they thought that no explanation would be need it, doesn’t show too much respect for the viewers of the lakorn. If nobody was watching NM2 an official statement wouldn’t even be need it. I don’t know too much about Thailand TV, but I saw lots of changes on programations and some dramas being cancel without an end too on TV in my own country. When ratings aren’t to the point of being relevant, some TV channels don’t even have any consideration to few irrelevant viewers like I was sometimes. So even though I got sad over the cancellation of NM2, did felt a little respect to the fact that they care enough to do the statement, just wish their advisers and staff could have handle things in a better way. I won’t talk about the goverment involvement or not here, because there are other articles translated on Sugar Daily and other places that deals with this particular topic too. As a viewer of NM2, it wouldn’t be difficult to accept Ch.3’s apologies on their official statement, if they had already said as they did latter on that they would organize a meeting or prepare a explaination to help out everyone to understand their decision. The rumors helped it Ch. 3 more than their management over the situation did. However as a fan of Mteam, as I am and even though I am one of those few known yadecher that was actually waiting for RP to air too, it doesn’t sound nice to be invited to enjoy a new lakorn when they just cancel without an end the lakorn that I was previously watching it. Lol Now I can laugh about it, but it wasn’t funny when it happened. Feel free to call me crazy, but it does not show too much consideration for sadness feelings: Please enjoy a new lakorn….would have seen better to my eyes, because if it wasn’t RP or some other lakorn that I was waiting to watch, it would have been even harder to deal with NM2 termination by Ch 3. Hope nobody that was waiting for RP to start may have lost to watch its first episode live, if they had plans to do so, because of all of this. I don’t understand thai at all, so I am really grateful for the translators that do so much to keep international fans informed. Thank you very much for the translation Mai. Hope Ch. 3 may try to deal better with the situation as soon as possible and that people may enjoy themselves watching RP too. In the end, viewers just wish to have fun watching lakorns and fans to be happy enjoying their favourites works, at least for me is like that. Hope all Mteam fans and NM2 fans too may feel better soon. Do thank all the people that weren’t watching NM2 for still taking some of their time to try to understand NM2 termination. Sorry for the long comment, but I am already known by some for writing long comments. It is not something that I can actually control it. 🙂

  20. Mai says:

    No comment is ever too long lol. Thanks for the thoughtful one.

    I havent watched the series myself, but I can understand the frustration. No matter what content was in the lakorn itself, they should have at least given viewers closure on the lakorn. That would have been better than none. Hopefully channel 3 will allow a censored version of a dvd release of the lakorn. Mteam have a huge fan base too and fans have been waiting months for their return onscreen, yet they got cheated.

    • lazydramafan says:

      I will hope and welcome any decision of ch. 3 that may allow any censored version of a dvd release of the lakorn with any ending. LOL Thank you Mai for your support and understanding over the frustation. The waiting for Mteam and the need for patience over difficult situations are usual for mteamers, but being cheated still hurts. 🙁 Actually as soon as ch. 3 and Mteam confirms their third lakorn together, I have a feeling some M&M fans will move on and get over it with NM2 quite quickly, because the promise third lakorn seems to be more romantic. I am more of a lakorn fan myself so as any common viewer I would be grateful if I may have a closure someday in the future for NM2. 🙂

  21. Yamiki says:

    Shit Always Happens To Mteam

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