CH7 sending off their old generation leads to become producers; Weir can’t escape

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Seriously, whati a up with this idea of ordering people tO be producers? Forcing something on them. I don’t get this. Vier could still be praek for years. They shouldn’t put pressure if an actor don’t want to be a producer. Not everyone will enjoy it.

  2. Teptida says:

    better for them to be producers than to have no choice apart playing in lakorns when they’re olds. at least producers can order actors… power job! by the way, i don’t agree with the order, let them be producer if they want to be

  3. shmack says:

    Dang they get ordered to become producers?? What if they flop horribly? Lmao. I’ll wait until that day.

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