Channel 7 promoting Chat Parichat to replace Pancake Khemanit

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  1. Tipstar says:

    I think Chat is a good actress so I look forward to seeing more of her lakorns in the future. Whether or not she’s replacing Pancake, I’m unsure. It doesn’t feel like Channel 7 are pushing Chat the way they were pushing Pancake. Also, is Pancake losing interest in doing lakorns now? Like how Aum and Oil don’t care as much for drama roles.

  2. asdtk says:

    Chat is a superb actress, but she is getting better with each project she gets, showing improvements. She has the drive, hopefully she does put her all into this new one. It’s just that she still stiff from time to time but all in all, she is decent.

    On top of that, her and Om seems to have good chemistry off screen after following their instagrams and others who post bts photos of them together.


  3. Sunyah says:

    I feel the same with you Tipstar. I don’t feel like CH7 is pushing Chat like the way they were pushing Pancake when she stared. Even if she replace Pancake in “Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi”. Everybody replace everyone at some point. For Chat it seem like she not there yet. It seem like Ch7 is more pushing Mai & Min more at the moment than Chat.

  4. Sunny says:

    I’ve only ever seen her in her last one with Porshe and i think she’s a good actress on how she’s going but she still have a long way to go, a lot to improve and learn.. no one can replace anyone, if it’s meant to be, they will find their own position in the entertainment industry eventually 🙂

  5. hippooo says:

    i think Chat is a good actrees, she is my fav newbie at ch7. she has progressed from each lakorn. she isn’t the best actress, but she is improving. I don’t think she is Pancake’s replacement, they are not promoting her or giving her lakorns like how they did with Pancake, i think Min and Mai are the one’s who are getting the hard core promo/lakorn offerings, compared to other newbies.
    plus Pancake is not old to be replaced.

    thanks for the translations

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