Chat Pariyachat maintains most closest to Gun, while rejecting Om Akapan

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  1. Lalita says:

    That’s two girls that denied him, Min and now Chat. Maybe he shouldnt be so vocal on who he likes, it seems kind of embarrassing for him. But than again, Min got denied by two guys too, like Weir and Boy lol

  2. Mai says:

    Yeah but Boy initiated those Min rumors by going around telling reporters his mom loves her and wants him to date her. With Om two girls have come out and straight out reject any future with him lol.

  3. lala says:

    Poor Om. T_T Why no girl like him?

  4. Tipstar says:

    I think Om should find himself someone from outside the industry. He’s had no success so far, from what I’ve seen.

  5. PRINCESS says:


  6. LuvOm says:

    Yea p om jus stay single n one day we’ll meet lol!! Luv u ;)!!!!

  7. elisa says:

    before reading this news, I knew nothing about om’s “luv life” exposed by media, but coincidentally I was thinking of chat and min, two pretties who have collaborated with him could be his type and fit him. But, it seems… lolllll, om, u’ll meet someone who’s the best fit for u <3

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