Cheer in sexy swimwear photoshoot

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  1. Sunyah says:

    Thanks Shampoo.

    I hope with Cheer new hairdo and this sexy side of her we get to see her in more girly role. Yeah Cheer been in to many tomboy role, action role, and in comedy roles ever since she being her career.

    I can’t wait to know what her surprise lakorn is going to be about. I really hope she come back with a good lakorn for her fans. Her fans miss her a lot. .

  2. Liv says:

    She has the same expression in like every picture

  3. thai4ever93 says:

    The photos are just so awkward: the pose, the expression, the scenery.

  4. Lovely girl says:

    Unbelievable that cheer take pic like this. But still love her. Support her forever.

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