Clearly a minor character, Ploy – Jui kicks Pope Thanawat off the screen

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  1. :) says:

    Not a surprise. This lakorn does focus on ploy and jui more.

  2. :) says:

    Oh gosh, just be happy you got a role that gives u $$$$$.

  3. :O says:

    haha I too can join in on the user-name game 😛

    I love Jui and Ploy I might check it out, is this a remake of Ann T’s lakorn?

  4. la says:

    Well the main issues for the storyline is based on the two girls….so how else would other characters expect to be so active?

  5. Berry says:

    Well this lakorn is more about the girls anyway. Pope is perfect for the role just like how Au was perfect for the old version. However, yes, it’s just like roles in “Raeng Ngao” and “Marnya rissaya” where praek is like an extra, but I think Pope look good with Ploy surprisingly. Seriously I was surprised

  6. Happy az says:

    I am fixated on the second couple. Siwat & Dr Goi. There’s a depth and a dynamic in their relationship that I find much more interesting than the main couple.
    I wish there was more about their relationship.

  7. Joyce says:

    Idk about you all but I always skip to Pope and Ploy !!! 🙂 ..because i cant stand the fact that Jui is the bad girl (note: being one of my fav actresses). Without the guy .. the drama would have no point. So keep doing your thing POPE!!!!

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