Continue gossip that Mike Pirath is the father! Impregnanting model without taking responsibility

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  1. Laila says:

    This is crazy. I guess this news – Mike to be more specific – stole the spotlight from Janie (her new IG and marriage issue) and Kim (selling Jett’s bag). LOL I didn’t even know he was in a off-on relationship with this model until now. Shows how much I pay attention to him. LOL I, too, wonder what Mike has to say about this. Can’t wait to see if he’ll accept responsibility, deny that it’s his kid, or pay her off. LOL

  2. px says:

    I just knew it that it either had to be Film or Mike

  3. syaj says:

    Hot mess this is. I am really curious now. How come somehow i feel like it is him?

    • Mysteria says:

      It is not him. I am pretty sure Mike is being blackmailed here. Sara must be bitter about their unsuccessful dating relationship, and with the real father not taking responsibility, so just when Mike is on the rise, she goes pulling him down with her. I mean, why only now after giving birth? If the child is his, he will not run away. Mike is not that kind of a person. He loves kids. Even if he won’t be married he will still take responsibility. But knowing that it isn’t his? With Sara partying too hard and hanging out with different guys who the heck knows. *shrug* Mike has grown mature and we all saw that. Or who knows, Sara’s family is rich. They could take any measures against Mike. Either his career is on the line.. or his life.

  4. Mira says:

    I hope the father of the baby is brave enough to stand up for the poor woman and their child. A real bastard if anyone get someone pregnant and run away with it. You may deceive the eyes of some ignorant fans but GOD knows.

  5. :) says:

    If u party hard, u need to take responsibility !! Lol !!!

  6. Mira says:

    oh mike oh mike, what have you done here! I am so disappointed with all your lies if this is really true.

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