Dialogue of First’s alleged girlfriend nailing Namfon Patcharin for having sex with her boyfriend

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  1. OMG NOOO…..>>> First, how could you?!

    Lol, I so did not expect him to be a two-timer. /And/ he told his girlfriend that he had something going on? I guess he’s an honest cheater.

  2. sandy says:

    This is wierd.. First told the news..he does not have a girlfriend

  3. Susy says:

    OMG I like Namfon very much but i don’t know she is so stupid at this point !!! to take a call from a stranger the second time who already call her and recorder about their talk the fist time..; and of course the name of the third person is uncover !!! So crazy and stupid ! Never seen!!! only in LAKORN ^_^

  4. It takes two.. so why is the girlfriend just blaming. Namfon.. Everyone makes Mistakes in a relationship once in their time..

  5. ladyred says:

    Let me go grab some popcorn and a chair.

    First and Namfon are both wrong for cheating on their partners. I hope they learn from this mistake. If you’re going to cheat on someone, break up w/ them first and then go have your fun. It’s better than being cheated on.

  6. yui says:

    well.. i dont get it.. she had sex for a lakorn? acting? oh My.. how could she? i mean, now, First and this namfon look like porn actors.. seriously..

    • Mai says:

      No no she didnt have sex for the lakorn. The girlfriend is being sarcastic asking if Namfon is sleeping with her boyfriend for work? Is that her excuse? For example, if you were caught stealing, someone might sarcastically ask you, did someone force you to steal is that why you stole?

  7. Angie says:

    Stupid… That girlfriend need manner! If you’re a maturer woman you won’t leak out someone else like that. Yes namfon and art might go through a tough time she might need a little comfort maybe so is he. Thai people believe in karma so it’s do it’s job. Leak a little clip will probably makes her think she a better person… Ummm WRONG!!!

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