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Drama! Fans don’t want Mew Nittha having a boyfriend

All of a sudden there is drama for actress “Mew Nittha” to take care of after posting with mysterious men at a concert on Instagrm.  There were a group of fans commenting in a way that they would be sadden if the actress they love have an official boyfriend!!!


In this case, we have the opportunity to see Mew at “Krungsri First Choice Visa PLATINUM”, so we inquired about her feeling regarding the feedback.  And is the man in that picture her sweetheart just like everyone guessed?


Recently, there was some drama on Instagram with the picture you post with a man at the concert?

Oh, that person is a friend. He’s like a friend friend.

The picture that caused the drama

The picture that caused the drama

But it it seems your fanclub don’t want you having a boyfriend?

They probably think the person in the picture is my boyfriend. However, like I said, he is just a friend.


Does this mean you know your fans are possessive of you?

There have to be some of them because they probably want me to be single (laugh).


Are you serious with how the fans come to comment that way?

Not at all.  From what we see, it’s just a small number of them.  They just think that person in the photo is my boyfriend.


With this kind of news, are you afraid your real boyfriend will be upset?

No.  He understands (smile).


Do you act normal going to places with him?

I’m really normal.  We walk the mall and everything normally.


Does he ever complain being upset you won’t officially go public with him?

No, because he personally doesn’t want to meet with the media as well.  I personally think it’s better this way because I’m happier.


But a lot of people want to see how this person looks like.

There is no need to know (laugh).  This is my personal life so I don’t have to tell (smile).



Translated Article

Source: Sanook | May 20, 2015


  1. Love you P’Mew.. Su su na kha..

  2. She looks like a younger version of Aff. Very gorgeous.

  3. Keeping my finger cross that her boyfriend is decent looking. :)
    I am bum out that she already have a boyfriend. I was hoping that she might end up with one of her co-star. :(

    I still love u Mew !!!!!!!
    Ur answer is what I call mature.

  4. Definitely, it’s her Private life. She doesn’t need to answer. Cool! It’s awesome that she admits the dating and won’t say like friends or bro-sis relationship.

  5. Straight forward answers! That I like! No need to know. Not even her biggest fan need to know! Lol

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