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English Subs for Episode 4 END of “Club Friday The Series: True Love vs Desire”

Whohooo glad to finally finish our first complete subbing project, from beginning to end.  The final episode of “Club Friday The Series: Or Will True Love Be Defeated By Desire” the story of “Khun Niti” is now available on our dailymotion channel



Other episodes can be found at the following link

 CLUB FRIDAY THE SERIES 4 Episodes 1 -4 




  1. Thanks so much will watch this soon looks great… Will you be doing the other parts for club Friday 4, like the first about the school kids or the one staring aom (I actually think its already subbed)

    • yup I believe that one is already subbed by someone else, try searching for it on daily motion. I think that got removed from youtube too

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