Fanclub is not happy Bella Ranee in a drama with Mark Prin

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  1. :) says:

    She is refusing Weir but then the way she answered that last question is going to make things seems like there is something going on between them.

  2. SangSS says:

    According her age she fits to wier than jameji or mark.

  3. :I says:

    Omg this b**** just needs to except the fact that Weir likes her

  4. Lovely girl says:

    I don’t like this lady.
    Her character is not good, she always has rumor with mens.

  5. cil says:

    i dont think she is pretty. still cant accept that she is already a n’ek. still remember her role in roy marn. and she look really fake when she smile

  6. Shortie says:

    Next thing everyone will hear is Mark left Kim for Bella.

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