Film Rattapoom invests 100 million baht for a fancy house

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  1. ash30 says:

    I think Film grew up a lot ever since annie’mess. Sometime, one need something damaging to happen in order to repair themselve.

  2. jazminetoo says:

    He is right – he can’t even take care of hisself

  3. Sunflower says:

    I’m happy to hear he’s going this for his family. Family is something I value a lot too and so should everyone. Because without them, we would not be where we are at right now.

  4. Rathya says:

    That annie is really ruined p’film life. I’m glad to see p’film back up again. I hope to see too see p’film in a new lakorn. U’re not yet old believe me . 30 but u look like 25 trust me

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