Fin! Kim Kimberley loves Mark Prin because he’s adorable

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  1. Tracy says:

    I am sorry to say this, but Kim’s reponses made me feel so nasty about her especially concerning her reply on Mint’s BD wish for her. Seriously, a thanks through interview?! I don’t think she’d ever say thanks if the interviewer didn’t bring up that topic. I am not even a fan of Mint and I find this very annoying of Kim. I used to really like Kim but she has disappointed me so much lately, not to even mention Mark.

    • Sienna says:

      totally agree with u!she sound childish.

    • Blanca says:

      Yea! As before I love Kim so much she is my best idol but now her action the things that she do is seem like she wanna show how cute she is with mark she wanna show how they like each other in public to let all the fan or people in the world to know how cute she is , I wonder why would all the fans love her so much .i think she didn’t really love mark she just wanna do what the fans are cheering them to be just like nadech and yaya (the sweet heart of Thailand ) or if she really love mark so that mean she didn’t want to invite mint chalida to the party because of mint and mark are also can be a kind of close together too she might be jealous

      • TeamKiMark says:

        Shut the F*** up b****es!!! You guys are F***ing lame. You think she cares about your opinions. You people don’t mean anything to her. You act like you wouldn’t choose your boyfriends or husband over a fake friend. Be real at least she is. And so what if she’s acting cute with Mark jealous much? She’s happy and their famous and your not your opinion out of a billion doesn’t even effect her popularity!! Y’all stupid!

        • Anonymous says:

          I totally agree with. Why are you trying to criticize her for wanting to be lovey Dover with her sweetheart. She is is amazing and she is sincere. Why are you so hateful. Don’t you have any thing to do other than trying to hurt others

  2. ILoveCelebGossip says:

    Saw this on IG and instantly hopped over here to read lol.

  3. angielee says:

    wow…. she really want people to know how much she hate mint. i guess she don’t care what poeple think about her anymore. love make her blind. may god bless her.

  4. fadwa says:

    i have a question in my mind right now , did mint respond to kim when kim wished her HBD in ig ? if no then end of story

    • kimsaj says:

      Yes she responded. She thanked kim 🙂

      • Yu-chan says:

        Good that you brought it up, cos I wanted to but know that some other people will probably say I am siding Mint! LOL. Anyway this proves that Mint is much more gracious than her… already it shows that she’s not as spiteful and childish as to unfollow someone…

      • Blanca says:

        I want to sorry but I have say that I think she want to act cute like yaya she want to be a sweetheart of all the fans just like yaya but the more she act the more I hate her . There was a guestion in my mind why would she being like that to mint because of love it make her blind she want to tell that she hate mint I think she didn’t really want to say thank you to mint if the interviewer won’t ask her about that . Kim always want to tell how cute she and tell how that when thay are together with mark this is such an embarrassing about this crazy love story .now I like Mark but Kim I’m sorry my mind is changing

        • TeamKiMark says:

          Shut up stupid you sound pathetic right now!! Do you even know them personally to even have the right to judge her? How is she trying to be like Yaya? You are stupid as F***! She is way better than Yaya who still talks like a damn baby! At least Kim is acting real with Mark and not like Yaya faking it with Nadech for fame. Kim and Mark are real Yaya and Nadech are not. And go read more articles on Yaya and Nadech you’ll see they’ve got dirt on them to. And if you dislike Kim so muwhether why are you wasting your time reading her articles? Just to bad mouth her? So what the hell does that make you a bad person to!!

  5. angielee says:

    don’t know. i’m not a fan of both mint or kim but i do know right from wrong. maybe is best for MAI to answer this question. she know more about these two. i always wonder what yaya see good in kim. p’nadech don’t like trouble. yaya is with the wrong people. anyway no body can’t control them. they are old enough to make their choice. SUPER SAD about this hole mess.

    • fadwa says:

      ” i always wonder what yaya see good in kim” that’s a good question maybe coz she know her better than you and she’s her best friend from the very start

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen fadwa. Some people act as if they know Kim better than Yaya and the people who’ve known and been with her for years. Don’t believe everything you see/hear. If Kim is Yaya’s best friend out of ALL the celebrities she knows and is friends with, it has to either mean that Yaya is not as innocent as everyone believes she is, or that Kim is not as bad as some people are portraying her to be.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yaya isn’t the only person in the industry who is close to Kim. There’s also Anne Thongprasom, Alex Rendell, Nadech, Margie, Boy and more. Many of these people are respected figures in the industry. If Kim is really a bad person as people are claiming her to be, all these actors and actresses who are defending her and speaking so highly of her must be just as bad as well. It takes one to know one.

    • TeamKiMark says:

      Angielee you sound stupid… First you said you’re not a fan of Kim or Mint so why the hell do you even have an opinion??!! Why do you even care what’s going on between them. Just keep your mouth shut! Secondly you said Yaya is with the wrong people right there just tells how ignorant you really are? Wrong people? Do you know any of them personally? Is Yaya 5 years old and too stupid that she cant tell who is wrong and who is right? You’re stupid! Obviously she knows Kim well enough and more than you do that is why she is still her best friend from day one and you or your opinions don’t matter!! Stop trying to make Kim look bad she’s way better than Mint in every way!!! You’re just jealous cause she has Mark. Puahahah!!

  6. CC says:

    Kim doesn’t following Mint in IG but Mint following Kim on IG.

  7. But why does it... says:

    with mint mark and kim i feel like they are in a lakorn, with mint as the lead actress mark as the male lead actor and kim as the villian, you know like with the villian (kim) does something so she can get the male lead. But yea i think mark should reallllly consider this carefully with kim because she was dating the director or whaever and mark was the side boyfriend. Like mark what makes you think that kim is not talking to someone else. KARMA!!! kim mean for that too with mint. i applaud you mint for begin the bigger person because in that interview kim did that on purpose

    • Anonymous says:

      If anyone should be careful here, it’s Kim. Since we’re making assumptions, I can also say that maybe Mint was the one who backstabbed Kim causing their friendship to be ruined. If you entrusted your friend with something, yet she goes on exposing it to the whole world…there’s no point in continuing to be friends with a person like that. The trust you once had is now broken. Especially when that person acts as if nothing happened and they exposed your secret to gain something in return themselves. This is just an assumption, just like what you’re assuming about Kim.

      • Yu-chan says:

        Another assumption from you? ???

      • yu-chan says:

        Since when is the back stabbing? Heard from where? Close insiders… lol

        • Anonymous says:

          Yup. An assumption one can make (just like what everyone else is assuming about Kim “choosing Mark’s side”) if they’ve really paid close attention to ALL details of Mark and Mint’s scandal. At one point, one of the interviewers had asked Mint and her mom if the argument/line message between Mark and Mint started because of Mint not being paired up with Mark for a commercial. Instead, because Kim is Mark’s koo jin, she received the commercial with him. Mint and her mother replied that it had nothing to do with that and that Mark behaved that way out of nowhere and over nothing.

          I’m not defending Mark, but since everyone’s making assumptions about Kim choosing a guy over a friend and not being open to the possibility that perhaps Kim and Mint had problems of their own…I’ll also make my own assumption based on what I’ve heard and read that Mint and her mom were jealous that Kim was Mark’s koo jin, and was receiving continuous work with him along with a commercial, while Mint was no longer an item with Mark. Therefore, they went to IG posting a picture indirectly attacking Kim and Mark. That’s an assumption, just like what everyone is doing towards Kim. I’m not saying it’s really what happened, because none of us know what really happened. But it’s a possibility.

          • lakornlover4ever says:

            Yea Mint and her mother was jealous about Kim being Mark’s koo jin and still until now.. Kim refused to be in a lakorn with Mint.. and Mint refused to be in a lakorn with Mark.. that’s the whole thing.. i’m not on anyone’s side but i say that Mint and Kim shouldn’t be mixing their personal stuff and Work together. it will make things worse .. this makes me very disappointed even tho i’m still watching their lakorn but i guess it’s the inside of them in a lakorn but the outside is whole different

      • yu-chan says:

        ” Since we’re making assumptions, I can also say that maybe Mint was the one who backstabbed Kim causing their friendship to be ruined. If you entrusted your friend with something, yet she goes on exposing it to the whole world…there’s no point in continuing to be friends with a person like that. The trust you once had is now broken…..”
        Ask you a question, why do you keep bringing up your own assumption that Mint “backstabbed” Kim and that’s why their relationship soured? I’ve seen you saying this morethan 3 times in your replies, as well as how Anne Thongprasom uses her 3 times so she should be nice…. I dun know what you have against Mint.. but you dun have to protect Kim all the way with your assumptious accusations… I don’t get it…

        • Anonymous says:

          You never replied to any of my other responses. Instead, you continue to question me after I’ve ALREADY explained myself. Did you even read any of my replies? This will be the last time I’ll repeat myself. I made these assumptions about Mint because everyone else is making assumptions about Kim. If one were open minded, they would realize looking from the entire situation that Mint is not completely innocent either. Why did she reveal only Mark’s messages in the line chat? She must have said some nasty things towards him whether it was to provoke him or just as a response to him, but she and her mother must’ve not wanted the public to see it.

          If it’s not suspicious to you that Mint only leaked Mark’s messages in the chat, but yet you think that by Kim unfollowing Mint on IG means that she chose Mark over Mint, then that means that you’re clearly biased. Each party has something to hide. Maybe Kim is taking Mark’s side. Maybe Mint and Kim had a fallout due to something else which occurred before the scandal. Maybe Mark was protecting Kim or himself when he lashed out at Mint’s mom. Everyone has made assumptions on this entire situation. My assumption is just in the minority, since most people aren’t willing to look at the situation from all angles. If you’ve followed this story since the beginning and all its little details, you’d know what I’m saying.

  8. Cherish says:

    Wait she loves everyone but she can’t thank an old friend for a birthday wish. I get that you’re not close but you can’t even thank them personally.

    The only two people who are true in this whole gang is Boy and Margie. They don’t take sides and they are mature enough to work with everyone.

  9. :) says:

    The interview says it all. If ur smart enough, ur figure that she’s a b**** by reading her respond. calling it out as it is. I don’t know why Kim and her boy-toy keep using the term ‘mature’ when this interview is not even a mature respond. So F it !!!

  10. Oops! says:

    She’s a real life n’rai. No matter how hard she tries to act fake, cute or innocent the real n’rai always shows.

  11. Hoa Mi says:

    Well, Kim did say Happy birthday to Mint on her birthday too. And i didn’t see her have any respond to Kim also. Do you expect Kim will keep the friendship after all the thing Mint’s mom and her family trolling her sweetheart like this? Come on guys, their friendship is like a dead plant, don’t need anymore water. About Mark and Kim, i’m really happy for them, they have been through a lot of trouble to be together. Their love’s getting stronger.

    • Kimix says:

      the amount of jealous from mint fans is LMFAO!

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone is seeing Mint as a complete angel here while being so quick to assume that Kim is this and that. I’ll be frank. Haters have had a grudge against Kim ever since Mark and Kim became a koo jin. After that, the scandal between Mark and Mint just made things even worse. And Kim unfollowing Mint on IG made people assume that she had something to do with the scandal herself or that she was taking Mark’s side. Well, for one, who knows WHEN Kim stopped following Mint? It could’ve been BEFORE Mark and Mint’s scandal, which would mean that they had problems of their own.

      And two, since everyone’s so quick to assume things and are speaking about them as if they’re SOLID FACTS, I’ll make an assumption as well and say that based off of what I’VE heard…Mint probably exposed a secret that Kim entrusted her with, causing Kim to lose her trust in Mint and break off their friendship. That’s an assumption, just like what everyone else is doing here.

      And yes, Kim did the exact thing for Mint’s birthday yet everyone overlooks it because it was probably “fake”. Mint’s birthday post to Kim isn’t fake either? Obviously these two aren’t on good terms anymore. If Kim’s birthday post to Mint was fake, so was Mint’s birthday post to Kim.

      • Yu-chan says:

        Oops! Another assumption…

        • TeamKiMark says:

          Yu- chan get off the board!!!! You’re stupid!!! I’m sitting laughing at how dumb you are making every little snarky comment about Kim you must be Mint… You are way too jealous of Kim because Kim is glamourous and you are an ugly duckling.

      • yu-chan says:

        “Mint probably exposed a secret that Kim entrusted her with, causing Kim to lose her trust in Mint and break off their friendship. That’s an assumption, just like what everyone else is doing here.”..where did you hear this.. please quote…
        Anyway, haven’t you heard of the saying:”there’s no smoke without fire”? Why do people says things about Kim? Well well…

        • Anonymous says:

          Right? An assumption. Just like what everyone else is assuming about Kim by saying that she’s “taking Mark’s side by ditching her friend”. When anyone can prove to me that that’s really what happened, then I’ll take it as a fact. Until then, all possibilities are open for discussion. Maybe Kim did take Mark’s side, maybe Mint and Kim had a problem of their own. No one can prove when Kim stopped unfollowing Mint. It was only after Mark and Mint’s scandal that people discovered Kim was no longer following Mint on IG. So if everyone wants to assume about what happened between the three, I’m free to do so as well.

    • kimsaj says:

      She actually replied on Kim’s Birthday greeting. A fan even screenshot it and posted it in Asianfuse :)))

  12. axianbeauty says:

    pardon for being naive, can you enlighten me what happened among these people and why there was a rift between kim and mint? 😉 thanks.

  13. alwaizemeeh says:

    Lol kind of like pancake weir and kwan.. when kim and mark grows tired of each other and break up…. kim is totally rai and she knows it… shes just like us normal people she aint super pretty and she cant handle her attitude. . Plus she’s not an angel..

    • Anonymous says:

      No one in life is an angel or a saint. Not even Mint, not even Yaya. Some people are just better at hiding their bad side than others. Unlike many people here hating on Kim, I don’t dislike Mint in the least despite my own assumptions of her and what happened between Mint and Kim. Maybe some people forgot that when Mark and Mint’s line chat was released, only Mark’s responses were released, not Mint’s. Mint admitted herself that it was someone from her side who released it. It could’ve been her for all we know. And the fact that ONLY Mark’s responses were released and not hers…well…isn’t that suspicious??? But of course, haters will hate. Any neutral person looking from the whole situation from all sides would realize that Mint is not as innocent as she seems.

      • Yu-chan says:

        Really? You’re the one with the most assumptions… and your assumptions are always pointing to Mint being “bad”, and trying to make assumptions to cover up Kim… Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. If we have no facts, I think all of us shouldn’t base on assumptions.. And the point on Kim’s model brother, I dare swear that it TRUE and not an assumption, because I was the buyer in charge and I WAS THERE the whole time. At least I’m not making assumptions and stating a fact.

        • Anonymous says:

          “If we have no facts, I think all of us shouldn’t base on assumptions.” That’s exactly what everyone here is doing. Everyone is assuming that Kim is taking Mark’s side by ditching Mint. To put it in their words, she’s “choosing a guy over a friend”. The only thing we can prove in this entire situation is that yes, Kim and Mint seem to no longer be on good terms as seen by Kim not following Mint on IG. And yes, Kim IS dating Mark right now. But for everyone to conclude that Kim chose Mark over Mint because she “agreed with his actions” and “love made her blind”…THAT is completely an assumption.

          I don’t dislike Mint. I’m making my own assumption that what happened between Mint and Kim could’ve occurred way before Mark and Mint’s scandal. No one can prove that Kim chose Mark’s side because she supported his immature behavior towards Mint’s mother. That’s purely an assumption. And again, any person looking at the situation from a neutral stance would acknowledge that all parties aren’t completely innocent.

          There’s no way to prove that what you’re saying about Kim’s brother is true. People can easily lie and make up stories over the internet. But if it is true, well, that’s too bad for him. Kim’s brother may be that way, but never once in Kim’s career has any person come out and complained about her professionalism and work ethics. In fact, everyone who’s worked with her has done nothing but praise her. Having a few problems with certain people who have been close to her in her life doesn’t make her bad. Unless you’ve had perfect relationships with your friends, family, etc., no one should be judging Kim. We ourselves know nothing about what really happens in these celebrities’ lives.

  14. Heyy says:

    Why everyone so hating on Kim? Maybe Mint did something to make kim upset or have hatred between them. But whatsoever, it’s their problem, let them solved.

    • wakaka says:

      Yes, you used the word maybe to ddescribe what Mint may did but what we can see is the fact that Kim was extremely rude for giving those responses like she never know Mint or at least she should see her as a colleague but she didn’t . Some of you may say that Mint didn’t give Kim birthday response too. However, as a popular idol, she is sooooooo stupid if she really repeat the same mistakes.

  15. Mushroom says:

    Why are you guys bashing Kim!? Is it wrong to love someone!? And about the whole incident between Mark, Kim, and Mint is not just Kim’s fault. What if Mint did something that would have upset Kim? When Kim said happy birthday to Mint on ig, she didn’t respond, why didn’t you guys say something? It seem to me like Mint is separating herself out of the group. If Kim really do wrong, would Yaya and Boy still hang out with her? Leave the couple alone. Break up or not, happy or not we don’t have any right to determine. Why not wish them the best?

  16. fadwa says:

    “kim is like a nang’rai” this’s the funniest yet ridiculous comments i ever had read you talk like mint and mark were dating hahahaha another depressed MMfans and kim didn’t fake anything she’s straight for word in this interview so people will know it clearly now she’s nooo looonger close to mint and mint is not her close friend anymore move on MMfans this gang is gone gone gone and one more thing the both wished HBD to each other so stop make it like mint is the only one who did that and last not least this will be my last comment if kim and mark will last together or not is not important what’s important in love is the present when you fall in love you can’t be sure from the future you just live the feeling in the present and if it is meant to be then it will happen no matter what 🙂

    • angielee says:

      you are right, they will not give us a hug but still fuk that b****. i don’t hate her but fuk her. what you did fuk you, kim.

      ooohhh my gosh i love you princess. just want to have fun.

  17. whitelilly says:

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion about them. I don’t understand why people always attack others on their commentS. Just read the article, leave your comments and move on.. there’s no point in arguing over it.. Mint, Kim and mark ain’t going to give you a hug or a high five for having their back.

    my opinion on this interview is.. Kim does sound like a b****.. let just wait and see how long this relationship will last.

  18. Yu-chan says:

    I don’t know Kim personally, but her brother, a model, is the male version of a b—-. He was so sulky throughout the photo shoot, made my stylists change his socks and shoes acting like some royalty. And all the while quoting that he has a famous sister on CH 3 so watch out if he gets upset! If he is like this, I think there’s a possibility that she’s also one of the brood… He had 30 outfits to shoot but after the fifth, we couldn’t stand his attitude anymore and sent him home..

    • abac says:

      because both of them were not study in a regular school, they grow up without education !That’s why you can get it!

    • Anonymous says:

      This could all be made up. I’m not saying it is, but for people to be so gullible as to believe everything they read and hear on the net by people without names, faces and identities…well, that’s pretty astonishing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kim has received nothing but praise from those who have worked with her. Personal relationships have nothing to do with one’s work ethics, professionalism, personality, etc. Has NO ONE here ever had any problems with their friends, family and coworkers? If Kim had a bad attitude or personality, she wouldn’t be one of the top sought after models and actresses in Thailand. There are many respected figures such as Anne Thongprasom, Yaya and more who have spoken highly of Kim. In fact, Kim is one of the closest people to Anne and Yaya. Yaya and Kim are best friends and Kim is probably the number one younger generation actress that Anne adores. That can be proven from Anne casting Kim in THREE out of FIVE of her lakorns, and claiming that if anyone is going to take her place in the future, it’s Kim. If this many people support and have defended Kim, they must all be crazy.

      • Mushroom says:

        So agree with you. If Kim is the evil one, she wouldn’t be able to last long in this chaotic showbiz. Just by looking at Mint’s attitude after all the scandals with Mark, she is being very unprofessional in that she cannot separate personal feeling from work.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t want to make assumptions on Mint’s professionalism either. I think the same can be said about her. If she weren’t professional, she wouldn’t still be in the industry by now. Plus, I haven’t heard complaints about her, just like I haven’t heard complaints about Kim. In terms of Mark, Mint and Kim’s situation and their relationship to each other now, I just think everyone should stay neutral and not accuse the other of being bad, etc. In life, everyone is going to encounter problems with others, especially close friends and family. Life isn’t perfect. I can say that I’m not perfect, and for anyone to judge someone by what they hear just proves that they themselves are far from being perfect.

      • newtolakorns. says:

        Anne wanted to cast Yaya for her first lakorn but Yaya is not available so she cast Kim. Kim is a good actress and she is very lucky to work with Anne.

  19. Pua says:

    I understand that why Mark sent Kim photos for birthday gifts because she can’t sell them out when they broke up. Just have a good reference from Kim’s ex boyfriend , how smart is Mark!

  20. Mouna says:

    The story between Mark and Mint don’t involved Kim at first, but you can see how immature Kim from a reaction of this story cause if she was wiser she wouldn’t have take part of anyone. We all clearly see the wrongdoing of Mark but if you like someone you have to think of he should behave.
    When someone do wrong without a reason to some else, you can take the party of this one cause you like him, you should tell him to think like the peole who have been hurt.
    Kim didn’t to that and this show she’s not well behaved and egotistical.
    The response she said about Mint is a mean way to talk, it’s clear she don’t like her but she doesn’t need to show thing like that if she has something to say see the people and talk but not at the press people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who’s to say that Kim and Mint’s fallout is due to Mark and Mint’s scandal and Kim choosing Mark’s side over it? That’s your own baseless assumption. Yes, Kim unfollowed Mint, and yes, they seem to no longer be on good terms. That being said, WHEN did Kim unfollow Mint? NOBODY knows. WHY did Kim unfollow Mint? NOBODY knows either. If people want to make assumptions, I could also say that Mint and Kim had their own problem and Mint had backstabbed Kim, exposing a secret she’d entrusted Mint with, only to try to gain something in return. Whether it be a commercial with Mark, becoming a koo jin again with Mark, etc. But I realize that’s only an assumption. Both are possibilities but the fact that people are speaking as if THEIR assumption is the TRUTH…that’s just laughable.

      • Yu-chan says:

        Another assumption again…

        • Anonymous says:

          Yup. I SPECIFICALLY said so myself that it’s an assumption. On the other hand, everyone else here is stating THEIR assumptions about Kim as if its FACT. I said my assumption is a possibility, but until it’s proven that my assumption is correct, I won’t go around saying, “Mint backstabbed Kim”, “she’s a b****”, etc. Unlike others here on this article saying “Kim chose a guy over her friend”, “love made Kim blind”, etc.

          Kim may not be following Mint on IG anymore and she may be dating Mark, but just because everyone realized that she stopped following Mint AFTER the scandal happened, it doesn’t make it a FACT that Kim is “choosing Mark’s side”. That’s PURELY an assumption. Mint and Kim could’ve had their own problems beforehand for all we know, and Kim could’ve unfollowed Mint since then because of those problems.

  21. angielee says:

    leave yaya out of the picture. me no more about yaya. love princess yaya, do what ever make you happy!

    okay about kim, no body can point finger at her that she is good or bad. we don’t know her. but she herself proof to every one who she is. no body do it to her but she did it to herself, her words her action, even her dirty money. but i do admire her.

    women that chase men like a dog. do everything to please him with what ever she have. stag money from his feet to the top of his head. snatch him from her so call not a close friend. devil bless that!!!!

    money cannot buy love and every thing. beauty will not lass forever. but love and kindness from your heart will stay forever and it will not die.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kim has not proven anything. These are all assumptions about her that people who know NOTHING about her nor about what happened between Mark, Mint and Kim, are choosing to see as FACTS.

      Kim stole Mark from Mint? Wow. Because Mint and Mark used to date? Since when? What a delusional fan. May God give you mercy. “Those who judge others will be judged themselves.”

      • yu-chan says:

        Let’s leave religion out of this.. I remember you said Amen in another reply and it irks me.. Amen is used by Christians when God answers their prayers. You shouldn”t have used it in vain.. maybe you don’t know but now you do… if you’re buddhist maybe you should say “Sathud” instead? Or Amithorfor…

  22. angielee says:

    let me be a kid for right now. sorry to yaya.

    if mint is the one that tell the media or fan, that is good. if i’m mint, i will kill that b**** already. my best friend that snatch my boyfriend. i will F*** her up. i will not let that dog F*** me free for year and be with another b****, who i look up to like a sister or a best friend.

  23. Cherish says:

    Here’s what I think happened. Kim and Mark cheated on Vill and Jett with each other and they wanted to use Mint to be their cover so that they wouldn’t be plagued with third hand rumors. Mint wouldn’t do it and hence the whole chat line issue. That’s why they had the fallout.

    To say that Kim is so famous and such a great access just because she’s in 3 of Anne’s lakorns doesn’t make sense. Anne is a new producer and so far she has been biased in giving the roles to Kim because she likes her but that doesn’t mean that everyone should bow down and believe that makes Kim a great actress. Let’s see what she will do with other productions and other co-stars. I think to judge a persons skills we need to focus on their chemistry with others and the ability to work with multiple groups. I mean if you can’t perform with other co stars or productions then what makes you so great besides being someone’s pet. Look at Taew she has worked with many different productions and co-stars and his played versatile roles.

    When people are biased about someone they seem to think their idols can do no wrong and are just perfect but intelligent people will realize the facts.

    Celebrities are all fake and the ones who try to milk the media based on their fakeness is worse. Exploiting your own personal relationships for personal gain is worse. Real life celebrity couple who I think knows how to handle their fame and relationship is Ben Affleck and Jen Garner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s what I think happened. Mint’s mother was upset that Mark was being promoted with Kim and was even going to receive a commercial with her instead of Mint. Therefore, she posted a picture on her IG indirectly accusing Kim and Mark of being cheaters, liars, etc. Basically, anything bad you can think of. Whether that’s true or not, the fact that Mint and her mom attacked Kim and Mark BECAUSE Mark and Mint were no longer a koo jin anymore, is immature. What they did compared to what Mark and Kim did is no better.

      Acting is subjective. I’m not trying to prove that Kim is a great actress. But when it comes to being a professional, being successful, Kim definitely that. If not, Anne wouldn’t have casted her in three of her productions. Kim is just Anne’s pet? Anne only casted her because she likes her? Well, 1. Kim has worked with many other productions, not just Anne’s. She works well and has chemistry with all of her costars, not just Mark. And, 2. Why does Anne like Kim? Because she’s biased? Couldn’t we say that about all actors and actresses then? Medtha only casts Mint in their productions because they like her and are being biased with her. Paa Jaew only casts Yaya because of his bias towards her and because he likes her. OBVIOUSLY, Kim, Mint and Yaya have to have things that each producer/director favors and likes and THAT’S why they receive work continuously from them. It’s not just Anne being “blindly biased”. If that’s the case, it doesn’t apply to just Kim. Anyone who has casted Mint and Yaya would also just have been “blinded by their bias”.

      But I understand, people will make all the excuses in the world when it comes to Kim. I don’t need to argue or prove anything for her because her success now and in the future will be all the proof that is needed. Haters will hate. I’m not the one who has to live with that negativity.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any “intelligent” unbiased person looking at the whole situation would know that all parties aren’t innocent. Mark and Kim probably have something to hide, but Mint hasn’t been any more transparent than them either.

        “When people are biased about someone they seem to think their idols can do no wrong and are just perfect.” That’s what you’re doing as well. Your speculations are based somewhat on your bias with Mint. “Celebrities are all fake and the ones who try to milk the media based on their fakeness is worse. Exploiting your own personal relationships for personal gain is worse.” This could be applied to all three, Mark, Mint and Kim. Mint exposed her friend’s secret in order to receive more work with Mark. (Exploiting personal relationship for personal gain.) Mint only revealed Mark’s line messages, while hiding her own responses, so the public would see how bad Mark is and therefore, sympathize with Mint. (Trying to milk the media based on their fakeness.) It goes all ways. As you said so yourself, “Celebrities are all fake.”

        • Anonymous says:

          Both of our speculations are based on our biases with Kim and Mint. You’re a Mint bias, while I’m a Kim bias. At the end of the day, Mint and Kim aren’t as innocent as we believe them to be. Any person looking at the whole situation from start to finish without bias can acknowledge this. If you think Mint is completely innocent in this, you’re being biased. The same would apply to me if I believed Kim was completely innocent.

          Your speculations about what happened and my speculations about what happened aren’t facts. You’re choosing to see yours as fact and basing your view of Kim off of it. And that’s what you’ll have to live with, not me. Peace.

  24. laura says:

    Wow, kim has become so cold. I thought it was very nice of mint but kim just had to be such a heartless person. Oh well mint dont need someone like them (as kim and mark ) in her life. Shes better without them. ! Kim is just a freaking two face , with ugly attitude. Shes pretty on the outside but inside shes a rotten egg even worse than that ….i feel like i dont even know who she is anymore. She changed so much.

  25. fadwa says:

    today markkim were soooooooooooooo hhaaaappppppyy and their hater here are burning with jealousyyyyy haha soo funny wasting time bashing them for nothing

  26. Sandy says:

    Okay guys here’s what happen.. Mints mom leak the line a long time ago with Kim and mark talking while she was with Jed. Kim cut off ties with mint there but didn’t come out with it.. Mark and kim both confronted mint in the new line that got leaked where mark was saying shit about mints mom, that’s why u can see they both ganged up on mint..that’s why mints comments were erased off.. Mints mom sawnit and leaked it again. End of story lol

    • jstpassingby says:

      Okay, time for my thoughts on this. First of all. I love Mint. <33 Second, I like Mark. Third, I don't like Kim. But, hear me out Kim fans. Let's see. Reading her answers on Mint saying HBD to her truly did piss me off. It really did make me dislike her even more. I enjoy reading comments defending Mint. But I also seriously think it's really really stupid. (: Im not defending Kim or Mint as of right now. I'm writing as I truly think not thinking of my bias. It's funny how some of you Mint fans are calling Kim rai for her answers of Mint but yet, little did you guys know. You're pretty rai too, lol. (: The only reason why I'm writing this is because I understand the feeling of trying to protect your "idol" or whatever when everyone else is bashing them. It really freaking hurts. So yeah. I really hope one day Kim fans can ignore us Mint fans and US Mint fans can ignore Kim fans. (: but obviously, I'm hoping for the impossible sadly. Oh, also. I really don't think Mark & Kim will last… But if they do. Well cool. Congrats. Well, only if they change for the better. Mint, love you girl. I also hope you can become a better person. 😀 k.

  27. Mab says:

    All of you trying to support your idol. But sometime your thoughtless can make your misunderstanding. Trying to find more evidence and than proof to those your quickly react. I’m not anyone side but being honest is the best weapon…………….

  28. blanca says:

    i really really feel like kim is changing her self because of love it make her blind how come that all the people see a good thing in her self .especially yaya.

  29. Heyy says:

    I can’t believe I actually used up about half an hour of my life reading half the comments. Let’s not diss anyone. Let people love each other in peace. How would anyone like people talking shits about you just because you agreed to go out with a guy. I keep seeing Mark being referred to as “a guy”. It’s like saying only girls and girls can be friends, but Mark and Kimmy are “a girl siding “a guy”. “. On the whole, I think Kimmy was siding with her friend Mark, if she did side. Just because a person did not reply to someone who wished them HBD, shouldn’t mean that they are a b****. No one is a b****!!!

  30. says:

    my thoughts about these? only the 4 (Mint,Mint’s mom, Mark and Kim) of them really knows what really happened. They have their own reasons / standpoint on why they have to react or act as such. let us just be happy for them. Mint is doing good and Mark and kim team up is doing good as well. I think they all have moved on from the issue. 🙂

  31. Ndependentlady says:

    You go girl! Tell the world who is the apple of your eye! Friends come and goes at the end of the day it’s just you and your family and the man who means the world to you! Right now you must be the happiest woman alive because you had just found your best friend your man If one day if doesn’t work out its ok its apart of life
    🙂 but for now enjoy every moment of it. Don’t let others ruin your happiness to please theirs negative thoughts! Friends come and goes the ones who stick around are the ones God intended to let them stay! The ones that left or no longer there were just a test in life to make you a stronger person! It’s all apart of life! People really need to get over this Mint thing and move on! Kim and Marks life does not revolve around you nor anyone else’s!! Support their career if your a true fan. talking down on them shows how low of a person you are and it doesn’t make you any better than them or anyone else! Most definitely do not blame Kim for anything she can’t help her heart that she fell in love with this man who makes her happy! When you fall in love it doesn’t matter what others say anymore what matters is what the heart wants! And the heart wants what it wants! Life is to short to judge, disrespect others for their mistakes. I am 100% sure your not perfect either lol Kim is still young and she doesn’t need to please anyone when your judging a person it already means your not that great of person either God bless you all!

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