Focus exposes Bomb Tanin from “Gentleman series” not a true gentleman

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  1. Annie says:

    ohhhh my god…..Bomb got put on blast….we’ll see what he has to say about this.

  2. babyguri says:

    Never like him, his face spell douche

  3. Chantini says:

    This is so dramatic. I believe she has a point in making this video she’s hurt then she wants to put him on the spot b/c he’s been a d*** for two years. But really? Youtube? She just wants to create troubles for herself and get attention. It be best if she just left him and if by chance reporters stop by. Then sure go ahead and blast.

    But come on. Posting a video about how terrible a person he is? Makes that individual no different.

  4. Susy says:

    OMG poor Focus, This bastard(Bomb Tanin) doesn’t deserve you at all !!! why do you resist this JERK (Bomb Tanin) for about 2 years ! I am very sad for your story ,opposite i hate the story about Kew and Pong !!!

  5. Shampoo says:

    I think she already thought long before posting. I think she already is embarrassed enough with all the lies Bomb has been telling everyone anyway. She has nothing to lose. Plus, she needs to spill it out to all the women out there. Ahahah

  6. Berry says:

    I think they are all just young and making wrong choices. It’s only a case of a man who doesn’t know how to treat women and he got caught up with a individual who’s emotionally distraught. Whether she wanted to put the truth out there or whatever, her best gesture was just to be quiet and move on. I still wish both the best. Bomb still doesn’t bother me.

  7. Shampoo says:

    You wish Bomb the best but tells her to move on and just be quiet? Lol why does she needs to stay quiet? He cheated on her and tell the other girls that her mom begged him to stay with her. Wow. I don’t think she was distraught, but she finally had a wake up call after he stomp on her mom’s dignity.

    • Berry says:

      Imagine a world where every broken hearted women start posting their sob stories on social network. It would be a disaster. Idk shampoo I always felt weird about people posting their troubles on social network. Yes he was wrong about bringing her mom into it, but nobody would’ve known about it if she didn’t bring it up herself. Also, what if he really didn’t say that? I pity her yes, but it doesn’t make it right n only worse.

  8. Shampoo says:

    It’s the only way she could get it out of her chest. How do people not know about it when Bomb went to tell the other girls that? He never clarify whether the situation didn’t happen or whether he spread that around. He just say that he is not someone that special for someone to beg him. So, it’s not true. When words get around to her about her mom, do you think she’s the only one that know within that industry and circle? And he gave a Barney for Focus to cuddle with when it’s another girl that gave him that Barney. And I see Top commenting with “hehe I know Na”. Wth was that? She’s probably a laughing stock to his group of friends.

    I think that is her right to do what she wants when she’s wronged. Lol she needs to expose him, so people should be aware of him. I think she’s just doing women a favor.

    • Berry says:

      Yea the I definitely understand your view too shampoo. What these two did gain on a positive side is a lesson.

  9. deery says:

    Dont really follow them so not going to side with any of them, but this news sure comes out at the right time, no sooner or later but comes out as soon a Cubic is on air, just somehow makes it feel like none of the parties involved are as innocent as it seems

    • Berry says:

      I thought the same thing! I wasn’t too interested in Cubic, but I think I’ll really give it a try now. Definitely with you on not siding either. Nobody here is innocent. All selfishness from both parties.

  10. Susy says:

    Whan i saw this interview ฉบับเต็ม!! บอม ธนิน ขอโทษ โฟกัส รับคบกันจริง “Bomb Tanin is a FAKE and JERK ,OMG he’s not a man !

  11. happy says:

    I have never been a fan of Bomb, but I think she just wanted to get it out of her chest, she went through so many things for him. In the end, he doesn’t see her value and says there’s nothing between them. She is just warning women to be careful of him. I think she is right and wrong at the same time. Right for telling the truth, wrong for telling this on Facebook. Maybe if someone interviewed her then its chill. I always disliked Bomb, now this makes me dislike him further.

    P.S. His acting sucks! Why did he have to act in Cubic?!

  12. :) says:

    I don’t know these 2 at all but what an ASS !!! is it really that hard for him to just say, “I have someone really special in my life” ? Or ” I’m seeing someone rite now”. I believe that if 2 people who are in a relationship and are in the eyes of the public, they should talk about how to answers question to reporter when it comes to either being in a relationship or not. but poor girl, she have endure it for too long to the point where she broke down and cry. Sometime a good cry of confession will help u. I cry all the time. Lol !!! Well not about boyfriend/girlfriend thing but about school. Lol !! School is tough !!! T^T

  13. CinCin says:

    Just found this site and it’s cool!!! I like Bomb personally because his Gentleman’s Serie lakorn was funny.Also remember he is newcomer to Ch3 last year, even though his acting may be super stiff and emotionless I still like him. Just started watching Cubic when it aired here at my place. But I didnt know his girlfriend was Focus until just now.And if you hate him because of his scandals then don’t criticize his work.Personal life and work has nothing to do with each other.I’ve never seen any of her work so I wont judge her at all.But this scandal is way to complicated to side with Bomb or Focus.I also agree that, she blasting him off on social media was definitely not helpful, it gained her to have face and made him lose face in public.But either way I won’t side with any of them because we only heard them accuse each other but we did not hear them in reality.They were not right beside us right?.Did you ever wonder why she would post up the video? I strongly agree that she did it to express all the pain she had face for the pass year in their relationship, but I also thought since he was becoming famous, did she do that the make him downfall in his fame?Just a thought~She should have solved it in a better way but since Khun Bomb respect her descision and she was really deeply hurted, I guess..•_____• let her go.And like everyone says~they don’t like Bomb because of Focus~ I do hope no one got offended since it is just our opinions and thoughts but we are not Bomb or Focus so we will never know the truth between who was wrong or right.So I hope all their fans still support them no matter what happens in the future.
    >>Still supporting Bomb’s Lakorn>> Cubic<>Cubic caught my attention the most because Mint Chalida’s acting made it more interesting and plus the story is amazing<<.
    ##Rumours are rumours we were not there to prove it but actors and actresses scandals are pretty big.

    • Shampoo says:

      She already said the reason why she posted the clip is because they talked and mai roo Ruen so they have to scream at each other this way. It caught Bombs attention, right? So he ended up acknowledging hahaha

      She isn’t trying to bring down his fame cuz honestly he is not that famous but she makes him more famous (even though not in a positive way). I take her word for it that she didn’t think it would turn this way. She braced for people to bash her because usually the Thais don’t really side with the woman. Bomb is also a new praek that has fanclub so her posting this should gain her antis but instead she receives support. If you think about it, Focus is not active in the ET as much as Bomb and don’t have a FC like bomb does, what she think is correct.

      She should remember though that her movie left a good impression for the Thais and even if it’s 10 years already, they still remember her. She has a good image. 10 years with no scandals. Plus, she doesn’t need to ride on Bonb’s fame. She does receive backlash but is minimal.

      I still watch Cubic.

      • CinCin says:

        I wasn’t trying to say she is riding on Bomb’s fame.He has fame as much as she does according from my point of view but probably less due to him being super new.But like you say others don’t believe her but a lot of fans supported her and others don’t believe him either with no special support.Even if he did or did not do it everything was said &cleared by Focus&Bomb already and the situation is in the past now so it ends here. I’m also very glad to hear her image was actually good with no scandals thats great!!^^Still can’t believe they are these type to have harsh scandals.If what she said is correct than what Bomb did is messz up shitz.
        He also decides to acknowlege the scandal to get the drama over with T_T.Did you saw them argue in reality?Did you hear and sat there to see everything?I didn’t.I guess we will never know the truth behind it.

        Both of them are popular in their own ways so hoping not to get more reactions feel free to like your bias and I’ll keep liking my bias~

        Glad to hear that you still watch CUBIC 😛
        LOVE IT <3

        • Shampoo says:

          Dear, I didn’t say you accuse her of riding on his fame. I’m only talking in general. Lol and I don’t have to sit and witness the argument to make my own judgement. You have yours.

  14. Lea says:

    This girl knowing and intentionally made it a point to try to ruin this guy’s reputation. She didn’t do it for the betterment of mankind. She was a woman scorned and she wanted her revenge, simple as that. There’s no honor in what she did. In her attempt to make him look bad she has made herself look bad in my eyes.

    The guy was a douchebag as a boyfriend, yes that’s true. But for her to blast him publicly for it makes her a douchebag as well. Did he beat her? No. Did he try to kill her? No. Did he break the law? No. But he broke her heart so of course he must die, right? Ridiculous. She made a mountain out of a mole hill. I wouldn’t want to even be friends with her because if you rub her the wrong way she would put you on blast on the internet.

    She’s the one who gave him a chance to break her heart. In this post it says that she’s the one that kept telling him to go, and he was the one coming back to reconcile with her. So she not only gave him one or two chances but she gave him multiple chances to break her heart because she allowed him to come back. She knew what kind of person he was, but she always took him back because maybe she loved him. So she knew the risks but she took the risks and then she blames someone else for her own bad decisions.

    A lot of people have been cheated on and treated badly in relationships, but they don’t go to their exes jobs and scream at the top of their lungs about what an awful boyfriend or girlfriend they are do they. That’s because other people have more class than this girl. At the end of the day everybody has to make a living so it’s just wrong to do that.

    I didn’t know this couple before reading this post but it looks like they are a couple of young immature kids who don’t know what they are doing yet. I hope in the future the guy will get more mature and stop cheating on his future girlfriends. And I hope the girl will grow up and learn to discuss her problems out with the persons involved and not with the whole world.

  15. jules says:

    Why do these thai celebrities expose so much of their relationships to the public especially when something goes wrong? You’d think they want to keep their private lives as private as possible especially their dating life.

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