Focus Jeerakul is of age now; refutes dating Ch3’s new pra’ek

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  1. Sunyah says:

    I haven’t see Focuse in a while now. I only saw one of her movie and that was “Pid Term Yai Hua Jai Wah Woon” I like her a lot in that movie. lol I didn’t know she is with Polyplus. I hope to see her in lakorn soon.

  2. Tipstar says:

    Focus was in Jaew Jai Rai with Aum, right?

    I find Focus very cute and I hope apply plus will give her more projects in the future, beyond the ones she has now. Which lakorn is she doing for K’Sathaporn?

  3. Tipstar says:

    I’m probably wrong about Focus, but I know that she sang the theme song for Jaew Jai Rai because her song was really pretty.

    as for K’Sathaporn Nakwilai, he’s an actor that plays father roles now. He was in Rabum Duang Dao as the guy who was going to rape Lydia but instead ended up helping her. I know he’s gone into directing but I don’t know which lakorn he has directed. Lol.

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