Focus refutes having more work result of the clip exposing Bomb

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  1. :) says:

    I LOVE her honesty. 🙂

  2. Mai says:

    Another scandal and contract will be terminated? I doubt that would happen.

    Thanks Shamp

  3. Mouna says:

    I think she wanted to make BUZZ because even if he did have fling with others girl, she should have post this video. She could have end the relation, if wash your clothes make it at home no in public. She lucky he did admit going out with her cause if he didn’t it’s could have been worse for her. Well she did have what she wanted more famous. I didn’t even know her before this story.

    • Shampoo says:

      Lol that’s funny, if he deny never dating her, do you realize that what he received now is still 10 times better if he rejected dating her? Even his fanclub know he’s dating her but they just keep mum cuz it isn’t their place to say. I don’t think her intention is to get famous. Her intention is she’s piss. Personally, I think Bomb wants to continue the relationship and he keeps bothering her. So, since she and him can’t talk privately mind as well scream it out. That’s why he’s afraid to contact her now cuz she basically air his dirty laundry.

      Even if you don’t know her, Thailand know who she is. Do you ever heard of Thailand’s first love? Lol

    • happy says:

      Are you serious? How would you feel if the guy you like denies dating you? And putting your mom into this? He’s the one who’s always after her, not Focus. Bomb is a coward and he wouldn’t openly tell about their relationship. This means he wasn’t proud of their relationship. She couldn’t openly be with him, and he even had other girls. Wouldn’t you explode? She’s just being honest and is just warning women to be careful if they want a relationship with him. I’m so proud of her for being so strong.

    • garfield says:

      Mouna, Focus has been 10 times famous than Bomb since 10 years ago in Thailand. Until now she’s got much bigger fanbase than Bomb. She’s under GTH which is the biggest Thai ET company of the country. And after the issue between her & Bomb released, all of GTH members take her side. You won’t know how it will be if Bomb becomes the enemy of GTH.

  4. Annie says:

    Are you kidding me? He hides her like she is his mistress. He should have been proud of dating a girl like her. His image would have been good if he was public with her. Instead, he hides her so he can cheat on her with other girls. He acts like he’s a big superstar that when people start starring at them he pushes her hands away like she’s the black plaque. Focus loves him enough to endure him for 2 years, maybe she was expecting that this is just some moment of cold feet from him. She learned her lesson. Bomb is lucky that the channel 3 is still behind his ass.

    • Mouna says:

      Waah !!! Calm down people. If she so famous that good for her but she should have think twice before because not only she involve him but others people too. I have a friend who did the same thing with face book and she lost all her pride like this. I’m a girl, i can understand she hurt but a her way to make it, don’t make me sympathized but the opposite.
      And from the 4 years since I begin to discovers Dharas from thailand, i never heard her name before this she must have some little project since sometime cause when I search her name all I found is 4 lakorns and the scandal with BOMB so if she that famous I should have found something else. Her carreer seems to be have quiet.

  5. Annie says:

    @Mouna you must have not read the article? The girl already said she thinks about everything before posting this clip. I don’t think she is involving anyone but her and Bomb. She revealed no girl’s name. She is not fighting with the other girl to make her look like a loser who only blames the girl. I don’t see that she is losing pride nor dignity because majority of Thai netizens side and agree with her actions. They sympathize her. So, she’s not losing anything.

    You don’t hear anything about her because she’s not active as a Nang’ek. She isn’t in the buzz. This doesn’t mean she’s not famous. If you google her name the most recent and scandalous news is going to come up first. That is obvious.

    But at the end, whether you know her or not is irrelevant because even if you don’t know her, the Thais know her.

    “Focus Jeerakul, 21, gained notoriety for her role in the 2003 childhood love story film Fan Chan.” This movie cemented her place in this industry.

    link: View our policies at and © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.

    You can read about the scandal here. Who is blaming her? Instead she’s receiving applause.

    Here is her FB fanclub

    Here is her personal FB

  6. Mouna says:

    No wonder your are true fan.

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